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Suppz Warehouse Arcade Game
Suppz Warehouse Arcade Game

The boss has been out this week so we’ve all been playing arcade games and not shipping your orders working really hard. All jokes aside, this week has been really busy, and we’ve been getting a ton of orders for all of the great promos we’re running. Speaking of which, if you didn’t catch my first post about protein promos and a special buy on Met-Rx Protein you can catch it here. In this post I’m going to talk about all of our great pre-workout deals as well as a couple special BOGO’s we’re running.

Arnold Series Iron Dream Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Iron dream is a blend of BCAA’s, test boosters, and mix of supplements to help you get to sleep and recover from your training. If you’re trying to maximize your sleep recovery I would recommend giving it a try. Plus Arnold is on the label, so you can feel really cool when you take it. Bottom line is buy 1 get 1’s don’t come along often, so stock up while you can.

Universal Animal Juiced Aminos Buy 1 Get 1 Free

10g of Aminos per serving, and has sort of a sweet, tangy taste. The label doesn’t tell you how much of each amino acid is in each scoop, but again, buy 1 get 1’s don’t come around often. Especially on Animal products. You can’t go wrong with this one.

GAT Nitraflex + Free Testrol

Double test booster bundle. Not only will you get Nitraflex (a great quality pre-workout with built in test booster), but you will also receive a full size Testrol ($23 dollar value) absolutely free. We’ve already sold hundreds of these stacks, so get yours while you can. Nitraflex is one of my favorite pre-workouts, so if you’ve never tried it, definitely pick up this stack. Alternatively you could pick up one of our sample packs here.

Cellucor C4 Twinpack for $39.99

This is a flash sale, so it’s only running until the end of the week. Save $20 on 2 tubs of C4. C4 is our most popular pre-workout and is great for beginners as well as seasoned workout warriors. If you really want to stock up you can get 2 60 serving bottles for only $65.99 here. Also, if you are in the market for a fat burner along with a pre-workout you can get 50% off our best selling fat burner Lipo-6 Black UC when you buy a berry bomb C4 here.

Myokem Nitramine Buy 2 Get 1 Free

If you’ve been living under a rock this past year and haven’t heard of Nitramine, here’s the scoop. Nitramine is a great quality pre-workout. Great energy, great pumps, and you sweat a lot. I used it and thought it really helped me get rid of some excess water weight, as well as get jacked up for my workout. I also gave it to some buddies who play football at a local university, and received some pretty positive feedback. The one downside was the price. It used to be almost $37, but now is pretty competitive at $32.99. Definitely worth a try on a buy 2 get 1.

Pro Supps Hyde V2 + Free Creatine

Hyde in 2 words. Insane. Energy. If you really want something to fuel your workout and let you go balls to the walls, this is it. I know a lot of guys who will only take Hyde. It’s got a reputation as the most hardcore pre-workout in the industry. Get a free tub of creatine monohydrate free until the end of the month.

Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Bullnox is another quality pre-workout. We get a lot of repeat customers on this supplement so it’s definitely worth a try.

Jon’s Choice

We’ve got a lot of great deals here. As much fun as it would be to hit up all of these deals, money doesn’t grow on trees. If I had to make a choice on where to spend my hard earned money, I’d go with the Juiced Aminos bundle. You can’t beat 2 high quality amino acid products for the price of one. For pre-workouts, I would either go with the Nitraflex + Testrol if you want a test booster, or the Hyde V2 + Creatine if not. Just make sure you take advantage of these promos before the end of the month, as we will be transitioning to our March specials. If you have any questions or comments for me, hit me up on twitter @suppzpromoguy.

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How did you first become interested in bodybuilding/fitness?Dusty Hanshaw Interview
Following a shoulder injury that ended my ice hockey playing days I started working out in the gym to stay in shape. Like most guys I always liked the idea of being bigger than average but in the beginning didn’t have the discipline to start bodybuilding. I did one show early on in my lifting days but that was more of a bucket list item and I had no plans of competing again. About 5 years later after having been working in the sports nutrition industry I decided that i wanted to bodybuild again and I set out for another show. It was this second show that got me hooked on the process of bodybuilding.

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Amino Spiking
If you’re not familiar with amino-spiking, it’s basically a way for manufacturers to sell you a cheaper, lower quality product, without reflecting that on the label. It makes it really difficult for customers to decide which protein is actually good quality.

You can read about it in detail here

Purus Labs was not one of the companies spiking their protein, and they have come up with a solution to prove it.

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Check out our deals on Protein and our newest deal on Glutamine!

Hey Suppz Nation!!! Let me start this post off by saying how amazing our customers are. We seriously have the best customers in the industry hands down. From the US and Canada all the way down to Brazil, YOU ALL ROCK!!! Suppz has become one of the top online retailers in the supplement game, and we would have never got here without you.

My name is Jon, and I set up all of our promos here at Suppz. My background is with the Military. I am a Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve, and I’ve been in the military for almost 5 years now. I’ve also been involved with supplements and weight training ever since high school, and I’ve tried most of the supplements that we carry on the site. I first started working at Suppz in 2011 and I’m thankful to go to work every day with some of the best people you could ask for.

So now that I’ve rambled and bored you to death, let me get down to the point of this post. Promos! I just wanted to let you all know about the great promotions that we have going on the site right now. We have more promos going this month than I can ever remember, and unless your one of the lucky people living it up with Carnival, you should take advantage of these sales right away before we run out of stock. And to everyone celebrating Carnival, where was my invite?


It’s smack dab on the very front rotating banner just asking you to buy it. Buy 2 get 1 free on Met-Rx Glutamine. We never do something as aggressive as a B2G1 on an item like glutamine, so this is your chance to stock up. Combine that with the fact that Met-Rx Glutamine weighs in as one of our cheapest per gram (normally only $17.49 for 400g or $39.99 for 1000g), and this is a really attractive offer. For those of you who don’t know, glutamine helps build and repair muscle, and has been one of our bestselling supplements since we started. Personally, I always add in some extra glutamine with my aminos pre-workout.


We’ve got 5 different protein specials going on this month (holy crap!) The biggest one I want to talk about is with Myofeed by Purus Labs. Purus is a great company that really cares about the quality of the supplements they produce. Their new protein, Myofeed, continues that tradition with their clear facts label. The Clear Facts label basically entails a lab analysis on every batch of protein they produce showing you exactly what you’re putting in your body. Just go to their website and punch in the PL number listed on your protein jug and you will get an 8 page report on what is in your protein. With the big amino spiking scandal that has been going on, this is a great way to make sure that you are paying for exactly what the label says. Toss in a free Purus Labs Hydra cup and I’d say this is a winning formula. Better act fast though, we only have like 20 of those shakers left!

Free Trib-650 with the purchase of Dymatize Elite XT. Tribulus is our best-selling natty test booster. Our guys in Brazil absolutely cannot get enough of this stuff. Great value when you consider that you’re getting a protein and test booster for only 23 bucks.

FREE lifting straps with purchase of GAT Supertein. If you’ve never tried it, Supertein is delicious. Plain and simple. The peanut butter flavor literally tastes like liquid peanut butter. Mix it with chocolate and you’ve got yourself a winning formula. Pick up one of each for a Reeses shake!

Free Garcinia Cambogia and shaker cup with purchase of VMI Protolyte. We get a lot of people looking for protein with digestive enzymes. For some, whey protein just does not agree with them and they need something with a probiotic. Look no farther as VMI Protolyte supports digestion and protein absorption. It also contains electrolytes! And for you Dr. Oz fans out there, it comes with a free Garcinia Cambogia to aid in weight loss.

Free 1.M.R. Vortex with purchase of 2 BPI Whey HD. If you’re a fan of high-stim pre’s this is the deal for you. My experience with 1.M.R. Vortex is that it got me jacked up. Real jacked up. Cracked out some might say. And the beauty of this promo is not only that you are getting 30 serving pre-workout absolutely free, but you can also try out two different flavors of Whey HD! Oh, did I mention you also get a free shaker cup?

Don’t wait on these deals! Many will be ending at the end of the month and we will be moving on to our March promotions! If you missed our BOGO on Met-Rx proteins, don’t be sad because we already have another Met-Rx protein promo planned for next month! Stay tuned for my next post on pre-workout deals coming in a few days. Also if you’re on twitter send me a tweet @suppzpromoguy.

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Dendrobium is a fairly new extract being used in various supplements to help lifters all over the globe get a sick pre-workout buzz and help aid in fat loss.

But what is dendrobium? Where did it come from? What is it used for? Was this Ronnie Coleman’s secret weapon for winning Mr Olympia for all those years? Has a dendrobium plant been named after Margaret Thatcher?

Let’s find the answers to some of these life-changing questions.

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Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy

Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy

Do you often find that you struggle to get yourself out of bed in the morning? For most people, there are two primary issues they deal with in the morning.

First, having enough energy to get out of bed and get their day going.

Second, getting in some lean protein to help fuel their day.

Fortunately, Optimum Nutrition has just made achieving both of these objectives easy with their new Protein Energy product.

Let’s take a closer look at what this product is all about and why you might want to consider trying it yourself.

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Are you sticking to your New Year Resolutions?

These deals will help you stay on track without draining your bank account.

As always, we have a new 5% coupon for this month – FEBRUARY2015
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