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The Truth About Dendrobium Extract / Dendrobex

Dendrobium StemIt seems like new supplement ingredients come out every month. Most of these ingredients have weird, trademarked names that don’t actually mean anything. In many cases, these ingredients only appear in one or two products and then disappear, never to be heard from again. But some ingredients and proprietary formulas are designed to leave a permanent impact on the bodybuilding supplement industry.

That’s what the creators of Dendrobex want you to think. Dendrobex is a new proprietary formula found in a pre-workout supplement called Craze. The formula is designed to enhance the body’s performance in a number of different ways, including providing more energy, a better pump, and enhanced endurance.

What is Dendrobex?
Dendrobex is a proprietary formula created by Driven Sports. It’s found in a new pre-workout formula called ‘Craze’, which aims to offer all of the advantages we know and love from a good pre-workout supplement.
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How to Lose Fat – The Simple Truth

Calories in VS Calories out
Weight loss is really a simple thing. You need to burn more calories than you consume. So if your body uses about 3000 calories each day, you will want to eat 2500-2700 calories. This forces your body to use your stored fat for energy.

To figure out how many calories your body uses each day, you will need to write down everything you eat. Write everything down in a spreadsheet, and you can find nutrition facts at or other sources. You will want to write down Calories, Fat, Carbs, and Protein for everything that you eat. Do this for a few days so you can find the averages.

If you are currently maintaining your weight, you will want to drop your daily calories by 300-500. This will allow you to lose about 1lb per week. This is the best way to do it; if you lose 2lbs or more per week, you are probably going to be losing muscle along with fat (unless you are REALLY overweight, then you can drop weight faster in the beginning).
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