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ZMA Benefits

If you’re “in the know” when it comes to supplements, you’ve heard of ZMA before. In fact, you might even have used it from time to time. However, if your classic idea of ZMA is that it’s a sleep supplement, you need to broaden your knowledge of what it really can do.

While there’s no doubt that taking ZMA, which contains zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 is going to help you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling more recovered, it really does so much more.

Let’s take a closer look into what ZMA has to offer so that you can see why it’s one supplement that you’ll want to have on your list to buy.

Improved Protein Synthesis

The first way that ZMA helps out is by boosting your level of protein synthesis. This is thanks to the addition of Zinc in the product, which works to help stimulate the activity of various enzymes in the body, some of which regulate the speed in which protein synthesis is taking place.

The faster you are experiencing protein synthesis, the faster you not only build new muscle tissue, but rebuilt tissue that has been broken down.

For anyone involved in intense weight lifting, this is a must.

Better Bone Health

Next up, you can count on ZMA to boost your bone health as well. If you typically have thought of calcium and even vitamin D to be the primary bone-building minerals, you’re missing out on one very critical one: magnesium.

Magnesium is needed to help with the absorption of calcium, so without it, you can eat all the calcium you want, it won’t do you much good.

In addition to this, magnesium also works together with the thyroid and parathyroid gland, which will help to produce calcitonin, which is a hormone that assists with bone preservation. Basically, it will help regulate your bone development and maintenance.

In fact, 60% of the total magnesium you have in your body resides within the bone structures, so you can see just how important it is for proper bone growth and development.

Anabolic Properties

Anabolic properties of ZMAIf you want to build more muscle mass tissue and are looking for a natural way to help become more anabolic, ZMA might be your solution. Those who supplement with this product tend to experience an increase in the overall level of testosterone production in their body and may also experience an increase in insulin-like-growth factor, which is also very key for proper muscle development.

While you can’t think that if you supplement with ZMA you will magically just start growing like a weed, you can expect to see some slight improvements. Every little bit adds up and will help you get closer to that end goal.

It’s been noted by researchers as well that those who are deficient in zinc may also notice greater muscular fatigue when doing endurance related activities. So if you find that you typically tired out during those last few reps when attempting a set of 12-15, your lack of zinc could be why.

Zinc tends to be especially important for men in particular as some is lost with each ejaculation. If not replenished, a deficiency is surely likely to occur.

In addition to these anabolic benefits of ZMA, the fact that it does improve sleep quality will also make you more anabolic as well. Since growth hormone is released primarily during deep sleep, the better quality of sleep you get, the more likely you are to release this very powerful hormone that will have you feeling strong in a hurry.

Lower Cortisol Levels

Cortisol is a hormone that anyone looking to be fit and strong wants to avoid at all costs. This stress hormone is released when the body is under some form of stress, be it physical or psychologically and will cause tissues to break down. It can also promote fat accumulation in the abdominal region, so as you can see, clearly moves you away from all fitness goals.

The good news however is that supplementing with both zinc and magnesium can help to reduce your overall levels of cortisol, keeping you more anabolic in nature.

If you are under a high degree of stress, not just with your workouts but also due to a stressful job or simply a stressful period of your life, adding ZMA is a very smart move.

Metabolism Maintenance

ZMA for metabolismHaving a healthy metabolism is also key if you hope to sustain a lean body composition. Those who have sluggish metabolic rates will have a greater tendency to add additional body fat to their frame over time due to the fact they are burning fewer calories on a daily basis.

As zinc is involved in the production of thyroid hormones, which then stimulates the thyroid gland and helps ensure that you maintain a faster metabolism, if you are deficit, this could be part of your problem.

Many people are fast to assume they have a case of hypothyroidism, which is a clinical disorder in which the thyroid is not functioning optimally. In many cases, it can simply be a zinc deficiency.

Supplementing with ZMA can help get you back on track.

Leptin Regulation

Finally, zinc may also play a role in the regulation of leptin, which is another hormone that works to control your metabolic rate, hunger, and energy level. When leptin drops very low, as it often does when on a fat loss diet plan, it can become increasingly hard to stay the course.

While a natural decline is normal when calories are reduced, you don’t need levels dropping even further because you are deficient in zinc. Using ZMA will help ensure this isn’t the case for you.

The better you can regulate leptin, the greater chances of success you’ll have with your diet plan.

So there you have the key benefits that ZMA has to offer. As you can see, it’s much more than a simple sleep supplement. Use it and you will see better results from the gym while also improving how you feel and function on a day to day basis as well.

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