The Facts on DMAA (Geranium Stem)

The Facts on DMAA (Geranium Stem)

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DMAA Supplements
DMAA Supplements

1, 3 Dimethylamylamine or, as it is more commonly known, Geranium Stem was originally created for use as a nasal decongestant. It is made from the oil of geranium plants. What researchers found, however, is that 1, 3 Dimeth (DMAA) is actually a very powerful dietary supplement when it is used in conjuction with caffeine and other energy enhancing supplements. This is why it is commonly used to increase energy and maintain focus. The benefit of using DMAA as an energy booster is that it does not give off the same crash that caffeine does. Many users of the supplement find it does not give them jitters or any other common side effects commonly associated with energy boosting supplements. In addition, DMAA also increases a person’s mood, endurance and confidence.

Party goers are also finding a use for the supplement. DMAA is a common ingredient found in party pills because of the high it gives you. It is currently marketed as a completely safe party supplement. The euphoria one feels after consuming DMAA is quite similar to the high people feel after going for a run. In addition, it is also completely legal in most countries, which increases its popularity even further.

There is a possibility of DMAA becoming popular amongst college and university students due to its energy boosting qualities. Since it allows a person to feel energized, as well as increase their focus, students may begin to use the supplelment to help them study. It may also increase brain functioning as well, making the study session even more beneficial.

While the supplement has become popular amongst students and party goers, its most common use is in the gym. Bodybuilders commonly employ DMAA supplements such as APS Mesomorph as it is an effective weight loss and energy supplement. The oil from the geranium stem helps to decrease one’s appetite. In addition, when combined with muscle building supplements, the geranium stem can actually help you get more out of your weight lifting session. When these supplements are used, the blood vessels dilate as the stimulants reach the muscle. As a result, you will gain more out of your lift. When using the supplement as an energy stimulant for the gym, be sure to take it at least thirty minutes in advance. Unlike caffeine, it actually takes more time to become active in the body. Though this may seem inconvenient, the time it takes to kick in is worth it as the supplement stays active for anywhere between two to five hours.

The safety of the supplement has been under much scrutiny by researchers. There is currently not enough data regarding the side effects and long-term effects geranium can have on a person’s body. As long as users are only consuming 70mg or less per day, the supplement should be relatively safe. Any consumption over this limit has not yet been tested and could present significant harm to a person.

Before you decide to use DMAA as a supplement, you should ensure you are overall in good health. People who are at risk for any kind of heart disease should steer clear of the supplement as it could have some fatal consequences. In addition, people suffering from high blood pressure should also avoid consuming DMAA, as one of it’s side effects is raising blood pressure.

There are several common side effects associated with DMAA when used in excess. Headaches, lightheadedness as well as irritability are common. Other less common side effects include an increased need to urinate and dry mouth. With excessive use of the supplement, some people may also experience insomnia. When used in moderation, the supplement is relatively safe as long as you are in good general health.

DMAA is in available in select diet pills and pre workouts, such as hydroxyelite, so visit those links to see what is on the market.


      • A standard drug test, in which they test for illegal narcotics. Would Geranium stem cause a false positive for a amphetamine. Since it is a few carbons off would you think there would be this chance???

        • There have been cases where people said they failed their drug tests because of DMAA, but I’m not sure if they were athletic drug tests or illegal narcotics drug tests (like for a job or something)

  1. According to recent clinical studies on the effects of DMAA (…-article-a2947), a medical expert declared it to be a safe, naturally occurring compound that is taken from geranium oil and the plant. It is a main ingredient in various “pre-workout” stimulants, and it does not cause adverse side effects. It is actually compared to drinking 2-3 cups of coffee. Of course, like any stimulant, it is important to take the recommended dose and no more. Also, it should not be mixed with additional stimulants like caffeine.

    Go to for more information on DMAA as well as links to the studies mentioned.

  2. Ive never had any problems taking DMAA. I get seriously good workouts on it. Best in pure form though, dont rate Jack3D.

  3. My understanding is that a false positive will not occure in a urin test for narcotics, such as a soberliving test kit etc…methamphetamines produce very unique enzymes in the body which is how test kits, and urin lab samples detect a positive reading… I believe that if you are in an athletic program , you may run into trouble due to a performance enhancing issue!!!! But as allways , research any supplement and health articles before making any decisions, and allways consult your doctor for possible drug interactions, and never combine alcohol while taking such medications, or durring supplement effective times…y.b.

  4. In general when they fear monger about a certain supplement, STOCK UP ON IT, all the fear mongering means is that the supplement WORKS WELL.. and the government would much rather have you on a list of happy pills prescribed by your cash maker,,AKA Doctor, instead of taking care of yourself.

  5. I am fairly certain that DMAA is a vasoconstrictor and not a vasodilator like you mentioned above. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. How do you cleanse your body of DMAA? The last time I took a pill using Oxyelite-Pro was approximately a month or 2 months ago and i haven’t taken any since. But i worry because I did not know that this supplement contained a stimulant that was prohibited in WADA (world anti-doping agency). I only took this dietary supplement in order to lose weight months ago, and this was prior to joining a sport that i will most likely be subjected to a drug test by WADA. I do not want to fail the test if i am selected. I truly did not expect to be chosen to compete nor think that this supplement could mess me up. I need help, pease anyone!

  7. The competition is in October. & we athletes were just told to check the website of WADA for the prohibited list. Should I see a doctor?

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