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USP Labs OxyElite Pro Original Formula (90 Caps) (Very Limited Stock. Absolutley NO Refunds)

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THE BEST Review by Marcia
This is THE BEST or better saying WAS the best thing I had for weight loss without doctor's prescription in years. I DID lose more than 30 pounds. I was 163 now I am 128 pounds and I have NOT gain anything back.

Unfortunately as everything that does work, it was taken out of the market. No wonder why USA is the country of obesided people. The other ones ARE A JOKE. I do hope that one day Oxy elite original formula comes back. (Posted on October 20, 2013)
Great Product works quick Review by Chris
I took this after a buddy of mine recommended it while we were deployed to Iraq. I attempted at least an hour of cardio a day for 3-4 days a week. That little bit of cardio, some more light weights, and my daily combat patrols combined with oxy elite pro caused me to drop over 30 lbs in the first month. I definitely started eating much healthier and increased my water intake greatly but the pills definitely did a big part in my fat burning. I am about to start taking this again so I can drop the lbs I need to get back in the Army. (Posted on September 24, 2013)
Great site and great products Review by Elisha
This is a wonderful site as well as the products. The shipping was fast and customer service even better. I was kept informed of when my order left the facility as well as when it would arrive. The packaging was as expected, great packaging. I ordered OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic and I already know this stuff works. I guess this review is more for the company than the product. But over all experience was very pleasant. I WILL be ordering from SUPPZ.com again. (Posted on July 19, 2013)
Effective! Strong! Lasted long! Review by Cosmic Moor
When i was focusing on cuts and burning fat alot of it 2 years ago this product merely augmented the process much faster. I found it reduced appetite and push the energy factor way up with the stimulants in there. This was not the primary reason why I lost the fat lost the weight of which mostly muscular It was the regimen that I adhered to day in and day out! I ate regular wid cutting back on carbs cutting portions but getting protein I was focused more on food not protein powders. I dont like the purple capsules it comes those are liver damaging and toxic. Containing food coloring and titanium (heavy Metal) its just not clean enuff any more for me. I open the capsule and drank the contents in tea water. Primary supps on fat burning program is Omega 3, Protein(lean), Butter, Nut Butter, L-Carnitine and Green Freakin Tea and coffee. Dont take this if u are sensitive to this type of Supp cuz its a powerful stimulant.
(Posted on July 3, 2012)
Great Product! Review by Litlbitofangel
I have four children, one via c-section and have lost 15 lbs in the first six weeks. This is a great product to use for rapid weight loss. Makes your energy level skyrocket and puts you in a great mood! Highly recommended!!! (Posted on June 19, 2012)
The Best FatBurner Review by Mocellim
Oxyelite is the best fatburner on market actually. It is very effective in burning fat. Wich a good diet, even without many cardio trainings, i got great results. A good advantage is that Oxyelite dont gives you bad sides like headaches and jitters like another products. It have a small amount of caffeine, wich is good for you who want some focus without the sides of caffeine. (Posted on April 25, 2012)
Potent fatburner and appetite suppressor Review by Leonardo Bandeira
Oxyelite Pro is a very good fatburner, you fell on fire during the training, and you sweat a lot.

I'd consider taking it, stacked with a pre-workout (to have a stim componen) and/or before meals (you just can't feel hungry while on it, it's like your throat is inflamated and you don't feel like eating, but without the inflamation).

Be on a good diet (high protein, good sources of fat and good carbs with fiber) ,sleep well, lift weight and consider some bycicle or running on treadmill , to accelerate the fatburning

That was MY review. (Posted on April 25, 2012)
Excellent Product! Get Results Review by Robert Ayala
Wife and I have been users of this product for over a year now. The product allows you to curb your appetite and feel more energized! Oxy also clears your mind and makes you feel and obtain a more positive mental state. I highly recommend this product and it has done wonders for us. We are beleivers! (Posted on April 24, 2012)
USP LABS RULES! Review by Eduardo Chapola
My brother, whose weight is 99kg, lost 7kg after 3 weeks, with a lot of exercise, dieting, discipline and, of couse, Oxyelite pro. Can't find a better thermogenic than this one, it freaking rules! NO hypes at all! (Posted on April 24, 2012)
Loving my new body Review by Sonja
A great product for cutting if you combine it with a good diet and cardio routine. Obviously you’d think that the diet and cardio alone would do the trick, but the pill definitely played its part in my cutting. It works fairly quickly if you’re consistent with it, so this product gets a thumbs up from me! (Posted on April 23, 2012)

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