4 Bodybuilding Principles For Success

4 Bodybuilding Principles For Success

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Bodybuilding success

The idea of building muscle or losing weight can seem like a long algebra equation.

If you are not following these 4 simple principles to success then knowing more complicated aspects is irrelevant. It’s time to take a step back and see if you are!

#1. Train Hard

One of the best things I ever learned studying Health Promotion was the training threshold.

The training threshold is the line of training intensity/training volume needed to be crossed to make progress and show results. Many people train below or right at this line.

Lifting extremely heavy weights and loud grunting is not needed to cross this threshold. Simply pushing yourself beyond your own expectations will do the trick. This is true for any type of fitness, not just weight training.

#2. Train Often

Monday through Wednesday the gym is often a crowded circus act of dumbbells being tossed around, treadmills spinning, and every elliptical in use.

Thursday and Friday are slower days.

Friday can still be a busy day at the gym with dudes getting that quick pump before they head out to the local taverns for the evening.

Saturday and Sunday the gym is a ghost town.

You won’t find yourself waiting for a bench on Saturday or Sunday. I can almost guarantee it.

Why is that?

More people should be at the gym theoretically. Less people are working and have more free time. It’s because far too many people only train 3-4 days a week.

In order to see success and make progress you may need to train more often. Go ahead and a top level athlete of any sport. Chances are they are training more than three days a week!

#3. Eat Clean

The principle of eating clean is probably the most important of the four.

Heading over to the local fast food restaurant once a day may not seem that bad but it could definitely be hindering your progress. Counting macronutrients and making your own food are two simple things that can amplify building muscle and torching fat.

Making your own food doesn’t mean making a ham sandwich loaded with cheese and mayonnaise. Find a good nutrition plan from a trainer or dietitian.

#4. Eat Often

There is nothing wrong with eating three square meals a day. That is if you are getting the right macronutrients, not eating too many calories, and eating enough calories.

Eating fewer meals means much more food is needed to be consumed per meal to reach the right macronutrients for success. Eating fewer meals also leads to snacking and grazing on food. This leads to overconsumption, and particularly overconsumption of bad food.

Consuming more foods keeps you full and less likely to eat something you shouldn’t. Eating meals more often also makes eating an enjoyable experience.

Trying to build muscle requires higher levels of carbohydrates and protein. It is not a pleasant experience eating huge meals of protein and complex carbohydrates. Many digestive issues can also arise from eating huge meals. More fruits and vegetables can be consumed throughout the day making it a far healthier choice!

Tips to success!
  • Workout harder (Higher intensity)
  • Workout more often (5-6 days a week)
  • Get a workout plan to follow
  • Spend more weekends at the gym and less at the bar
  • Leave the gym knowing you gave it your all
  • Add some volume (more sets/reps)
  • Eat more meals per day
  • Make your own food
  • Set goals (short term and long term)
  • Be consistent with your diet
  • Enjoy what you are doing! (in regards to fitness) If you are not, find something you enjoy doing.
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables


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