APS Chain’d Reaction Review – High End BCAAs

APS Chain’d Reaction Review – High End BCAAs

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Chain’d Reaction is the new BCAA product from APS.

APS has gained in popularity over the past year due to products such as their pre-workout, Mesomorph, and pro-hormone, Androbolic 250. Their new product, Chain’d Reaction, is a BCAA and EAA blend.

The top selling points are its high dosed blend (7.5g of BCAA’s compared to the normal 5g blend) and the protection of BCAA’s by Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, which does not cause an insulin spike.

In addition, Chain’d Reaction is ultra-micronized which makes it extremely soluble and fast digesting. It also means it mixes really well and won’t settle at the bottom of your shaker or leave a powder residue!

Science of BCAA’s

Science of BCAAs
Branched Chain Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. They are essential amino acids with a branched chemical structure and include Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

Leucine is considered the most important of the BCAA’s and is known as the “anabolic trigger.” This is because it triggers muscle protein synthesis to occur through signaling of the mTOR pathway (mammalian target of rapamycin). So leucine is essentially responsible for telling your body to make protein into muscle.

Isoleucine helps regulate blood sugar and activates special receptors that boost fat-burning and inhibit fat-storage.

Valine helps boost energy levels and delays fatigue due to it’s competition with Tryptophan to enter the brain. Valine reduces the absorption of Tryptophan which converts to Serotonin and let’s your body know that you are tired.

BCAA’s generally occur in a 2:1:1 ratio naturally in muscle, and this is the recommended ratio for BCAA products. This is the ratio that occurs in APS Chain’d Reaction.

In summary, supplementation with BCAA’s enhances muscle protein synthesis and helps your body gain muscle, boost fat loss, and improve energy.

The Review

APS Chaind Reaction
APS Chain’d Reaction is one of the top BCAA products that we have tried here at Suppz.

What makes a great BCAA product?
Once you get past the prerequisites (5g of BCAA’s in a 2:1:1 ratio), there are only a few factors separating the many BCAA products out there.

One factor that plays in Chain’d Reaction’s favor is that the powder is micronized.
This essentially just means that it is a finer powder than what is typically used in BCAA products, but it makes a world of difference.

Micronized powders mix much better than non-micronized, so there is no settling and little residue left in the shaker after you drink it. So a higher percentage of those BCAA’s make their way into your body.

In addition, many people get gastric distress from non-micronized BCAA powders, so if that is something that you are sensitive to (ie: if you end up in the bathroom every time you drink it) then a micronized powder will do wonders for you.

Micronized powders also have a faster rate of absorption than their counterparts. So the effects of these BCAA’s begin much earlier than other blends.

The second top selling point of Chain’d Reaction is the flavor! Flavor is something that gets overlooked a lot, but especially in BCAA blends it is very important!

Chain’d Reaction comes in Rocket Pop flavor (which we sampled) and APS absolutely nailed it. It tastes like a real rocket pop, and unlike other BCAA’s the flavor isn’t overwhelming.
When you’re training, you don’t like an overpoweringly sweet flavor, and APS put just enough in so that you will enjoy it without getting sick to your stomach.
2 scoops in a full shaker is about perfect.
It is possibly the most enjoyable BCAA flavor that we have ever tried!


The formula of Chain’d Reaction is good, but I would say that the added ingredients and benefits don’t necessarily mean it’s worth the cost.

The going rate is $30 online which is a bit on the pricier side of a BCAA formula.

Considering you can get MAN Sports ISO-Amino for $20 or MTS Machine Fuel for $23, $30 seems a little steep for the added 2g of Glutamine and 500mg of EAA’s.

Luckily here at Suppz we have a coupon code for you giving 10% off. Just click here and use code CHAINDRXN10 if you want to try.

I will say that anyone who wants a great tasting BCAA should try the rocket pop flavor. It’s worth the cost. Plus if you are someone who has stomach issues with other BCAA’s these should go down better than most. And the fast digesting nature means faster gains!

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