Optimum Gold Standard Whey 5lb Tub

Nearly everyone that uses supplements to some capacity has used protein at one point. From whey to vegan to everything in between there are tons of different ones to choose from and it seems there are more and more choices popping up every time you walk into your local store or check out the newest arrivals here on Despite the huge selection and ever changing protein landscape though, there are certain products that have seemed to stand the test of time and achieve legendary status, and among them is Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey.

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Knife Fork Spoon Clock

There have been a number of diets to come and go throughout the years, gaining and losing popularity in practice as the fitness climate is always evolving. From If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), to carb backloading, to keto, there will always be methods that rise and fall in popularity. Another such popular diet method that has been used with notable success is Intermittent Fasting. Also commonly referred to simply as “IF”

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creatine confusion

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Sometimes I like to sit back and drink in the random weight room chatter. If you have never had the pleasure, turn off your tunes for 30 seconds and soak up the nonsense around you. You will hear the most random comments ranging from, “is water paleo?” to “don’t tickle the barbell!” Although these excerpts provide a quick chuckle, there is something that I hear all too often that is completely maddening. Misinformation about Creatine.

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To be a top selling protein powder in a billion dollar supplement industry is by no means an easy task.  Supplement companies need to create a protein powder that excels in multiple categories.  Taste alone in a saturated industry is not enough anymore.  With the addition of 3rd party testing, customers can feel better that they won’t end up with a cheap amino-spiked product.  The consumers want an effectively priced protein produced from quality ingredients with flavoring they can look forward to drinking.  We support brands that have good business ethics and aren’t out for a quick dollar.

The reality that rings true for the fitness and supplement industry is that there will always be a trend. Whether it be the diet that promises to be the end-all for fitness goals or the supplement that promises to redefine a category, we are always searching for the latest and greatest. The most recent emergence as you are probably aware of by now is the ketogenic diet and actually combines both a diet trend and a whole category of supplements geared toward helping you live the ‘keto’ lifestyle.

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The scene is set. Picture it along with me, it’s primetime action set for a picture perfect Saturday night. It’s about an hour before game time and for some, the biggest game of these young men’s lives. The teammates move in silence but with a vibe of confidence and quiet, hard focus. They gather as a team on their folding chairs and listen intently to the coach as they cover the strategy one last time, running through the X’s and O’s for taking on their bitter rival. They eat as a team; ensuring proper nutrition and hydration aren’t taken lightly and then gather for one last pump up session to ensure everyone is on the same page and to not let the crowd rattle them before heading out to do battle.

Ketogenic Dieting

By now, if you are remotely connected to the fitness world, you are probably aware of the recent emergence of keto. It can truly be a game changing diet method if implemented right, but most underestimate just how challenging a true keto diet is and how counterproductive it can be if done incorrectly. Despite its surge in popularity, keto is still one of the most misunderstood diet methods, and now with many variations, styles and diets all using the word keto, it is getting a bit out of hand.

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lipodrene vs hydroxyelite

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is known for pushing the envelope on many things when it comes to creating hardcore supplements. Leaving no doubt that a product will pack a punch and leave the user feeling the effects of their stimulant driven products, they have rolled out numerous pre-workouts and thermogenics that are known for being some of the hardest hitting on the market.

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In an industry packed with so many different products, it’s pretty easy to get caught in the whirlwind of marketing, fancy labels and product function claims. With so many choices, how do you know what is legit and what is a waste of your hard earned money? No one wants to buy subpar protein, pay for an amino spiked container or spend the extra dough on a ‘special’ proteins that don’t have any extra benefit.

best fat burners 2016

Another year has come and gone and that means that just like so many other things in our daily life, it’s time to discuss the ‘top’ products of the past year! This time we’ll be focusing specifically on the top fat burners of 2017! What a better category to discuss than fat buners at a time of year that many are starting weight loss resolutions and looking to better themselves. Now without further ado, here is a breakdown of some of the best products of the category from the past year on Suppz!