Dusty Hanshaw Interview

Dusty Hanshaw Interview

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Dusty Hanshaw Interview

How did you get interested in bodybuilding?
Following a shoulder injury that ended my ice hockey playing days I started working out in the gym to stay in shape. Like most guys I always liked the idea of being bigger than average but in the beginning didn’t have the discipline to start bodybuilding. I did one show early on in my lifting days but that was more of a bucket list item and I had no plans of competing again. About 5 years later after having been working in the sports nutrition industry I decided that i wanted to bodybuild again and I set out for another show. It was this second show that got me hooked on the process of bodybuilding.

How did you start with iForce Nutrition?
I was fortunate enough to start with IFN just a few weeks out from my second show. They were a new company in the industry and I was a young athlete getting started. I worked the Arnold for them and after that weekend we agreed that we would grow together within the industry and I have been with the team ever since.

What is your Favorite iForce Nutrition Product?
Without question Compete! I live on the product using at least three servings a day and even more when I am in prep for a show. Compete makes me feel like I can train forever without running out of gas, it keeps me from becoming dehydrated during training, and frankly it has life changing flavors.

If you had to pick a favorite food for each of the 3 macros (protein, carbs, and fat) what would they be?
Protein- Flank Steak
Carbs- Rice
Fat- Cashews

What are your thoughts on IIFYM?
I actually believe it can work if you are someone who craves variety in your diet but for me it is to much work. I did not get into this sport to have choices when I diet and in fact I find that variety to be a pain because it means I have to think about my meals. When I am eating it is much easier for me to just execute an exact plan as written by my coach Chris Aceto.

Machines or freeweights?Dusty Hanshaw at his pool
Freeweights without question. I am all about keeping this process as simple and raw as possible.

What is your job/career? (If not a pro bodybuilder). If pro bodybuilder, what does that involve with iForce Nutrition? (Contests, photo shoots, appearances, etc)
My career is being the face of IFN. The obvious is that it involves training, competitions, photo shoots, and working trade shows but for me it is much more than that. If I was to write my job description it would be that it is my job to spread the word to the world about the best brand in sports nutrition which is IFN. I am to show people how I use nutrition, weight training, and IFN supplementation to reach my goals. While doing that it is also my personal goal to inspire other athletes to chase their personal goals and utilize my experience to help them achieve their own success. I am living my dream every day being on Team IFN and bodybuilding as a profession so sharing that experience is not only rewarding but fun.

What are your favorite activities when not in the gym?
I love watching movies. I could go to a movie every night and just fall into the storyline. Action is of course my favorite

Favorite website?

Pick one: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Instagram by a mile. Pics are worth a thousand words

Biggest pet peeve at the gym?
Guys (typically older) that walk around naked like I want to see all of their….parts

Favorite cheat meal?
Sushi….I can’t get enough

Biggest obstacle you have overcome?
I would say coming back after triple hernia surgery in 2009. I was out of the gym for a long time and I got fat and lost a ton of size. It was a long road back but it did teach me the importance of taking time away from the gym and since then I have taken time completely off every season.

Favorite old school bodybuilder?
Mike Metzger

Craziest/weirdest workout you’ve ever done?
I wouldn’t say it’s crazy but I have always found it interesting training in some of the hole in the wall gyms overseas. Often times you are using DB’s that you don’t even know exactly what they weigh and you are forced to be very creative in your training due to the limited equipment that some of the gyms have. Thankfully, I keep it simple so I can get a nasty workout in almost anywhere

What’s on your playlist for the gym?
I don’t listen to music while I train but on the way if I am listening to anything it is 90’s rap.

What’s on your playlist for the bedroom?
That seems like an interesting question…lets just say I’d rather be recording the sounds created there…with video…

One piece of advice for everyone who reads this interview?
Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take your work and the job that needs to be done seriously but never lose track along the way that you love what you are doing. If it ever stops being enjoyable quit! Life is to short for our labors of love to become nothing more than work.

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