Jose Raymond Interview

Jose Raymond Interview

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Jose Raymond Interview

Jose took 1st place in the 212 class at the Arnold Sports Festival this past weekend.

Just before the contest, we caught up with him and asked some questions:

How did you first become interested in bodybuilding/fitness?
My older brother Tito convinced me to compete in 1993 in the New England championships. I won the teenage overall & was hooked.

How did you start with iForce Nutrition?
I hooked up with IForce Nutrition in 2013 after seeing Dusty Hanshaw videos & trying a few products. I was drawn to the hardcore, edgy vibe I got from the company & liked that it was a small up and coming company that I could grow with!

What is your Favorite iForce Nutrition Product?
Compete is my favorite product & I use it religiously multiple times a day.

If you had to pick a favorite food for each of the 3 macros (protein, carbs, and fat) what would they be?
Protein=steak, Carbs=rice, fat=peanut butter.

What are your thoughts on IIFYM?
IIFYM= Nonsense

Machines or freeweights?
My physique was built by free weights!

What is your job/career, what does that involve with iForce Nutrition? (Contests, photo shoots, appearances, etc)
I’m a full time personal trainer & have been for over 20 years. I’m also a full time pro bodybuilder which involves endless hours of training, cardio, posing. Guest appearances, promotion, photo & video shoots

What are your favorite activities when not in the gym?
My favorite non gym related activities are vacationing & spending time with close friends & family
Jose Raymond relaxing

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
Facebook has the most variety, funny videos , updates & mindless entertainment!

Biggest pet peeve at the gym?
People monopolizing multiple machines at one time during busy times & people sitting on equipment on their cell phones.

Favorite cheat meal?

Biggest obstacle you have overcome?
Biggest obstacle has been height but thanks to the 212 division I’ve been able to flourish in bodybuilding.

Favorite old school bodybuilder?
Arnold by far!

Craziest/weirdest workout you’ve ever done?
Squatting 405lbs for 30 reps.

What’s on your playlist for the gym?
I don’t listen to music in the gym but if I do while on cardio it’s usually 80’s

One piece of advice for everyone who reads this interview?
Biggest piece of advice I could give is to blaze your own trail, don’t be limited by the limitations others try to put on you. Impossible is nothing!

Jose Raymond

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