Puretein for Protein Powder Purists

Puretein for Protein Powder Purists

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Puretein protein powder

Finding the right protein powder can be an overwhelming task, when you are bombarded with numerous products and extravagant marketing ads.

When choosing the right protein powder, there are some things you want to take into consideration.

1. Value

Value = Quality – Cost per serving
You want to make sure you are getting what you pay for and at a reasonable price.

I am going to explain why I believe Nutristat’s Puretein is the perfect choice.

2. Quality

Puretein is the most soluble and highest biological Whey Isolate on the market, as it’s a true Native Whey Isolate.  This means unlike other forms of Whey Protein (cold filtered, CFM, etc.) that are from cheese and therefore heavily denatured and stripped of their full amino acid expression, Puretein is from the Milk of grassfed cows and never processed after the initial low temperature pasteurization.

The end result is greater solubility, higher amino acid activity, and greater anabolic and anti catabolic activity – PROVEN and studied.

For example, 10 grams of Native Whey Isolate has been proven to reverse Sarcopenia.  This is a study proving the Leucine content in Native Whey reverses Sarcopenia and starts the muscle building process: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF03223346
Not just halt it- but actually reverse it and actually build muscle. This is due to the Native un-denatured Leucine content – This form of Leucine is very active and is a reason Puretein is adept at activating the Mtor Pathway for greater muscle protein synthesis.

Puretein is truly a top-shelf protein!
Puretein is truly a top-shelf protein!
3. Yield

Yield refers to the percentage of protein per serving that is obtained.

The calculation for Puretein is shown below:
(25 grams protein per serving X100)/27.2 grams serving size = 91.91%

92% of total protein is an untouchable yield in the market and a huge variable to consider when making your selection.

The two carbohydrates used in this product for flavoring constitute the other 8% of net weight.

4. Amino acid profile

When searching for a protein powder, you want to review the amino acid profile. Total BCAA divided by total EAA should equal roughly 50%. This ideal ratio can be found in Puretein!

5. Biological Value

As a premium native whey protein isolate, Puretein is unmatched in its biological value. One serving is sufficient to stimulate the synthesis of myosin to promote muscle building.

Puretein also fosters the development of mitochondrial proteins, which are vital for muscle activity. Its undenatured leucine content contributes to muscle protein synthesis.

In addition, its composition of naturally occurring cysteine brings forth enhanced glutathione production, which facilities liver regenerative action and accenturates anti-aging properties.

6. Taste

New flavors of Puretein in addition to the current ones are in the development process and soon to be released. Puretein will be known as the best tasting protein isolate on the market.

Nutrisat is also creating naturally sweetened versions in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry that taste better than other proteins artificial flavors.

Puretein and oats, a great combination
Puretein and oats, a great combination
7. Blendability

Puretein mixes easily in a shaker bottle for your convenience.

8. Digestibility

Puretein digests easily and does not leave you feeling bloated like other products on the market.

9. Additional positives of Puretein
  • Fat Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
  • rBGH hormone free
  • rBST hormone free
  • GMO free

The quality of Puretein is the best the market has to offer. And with an affordable price of approximately one dollar a serving, this is a great value.

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