Ramp Up Your Focus With These Pre-Workout Ingredients

Ramp Up Your Focus With These Pre-Workout Ingredients

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Pre-Workout Ingredients for Focus

Looking for a little extra boost to get through a particularly hard workout you have coming up?

There’s no denying that some days you simply have more mental drive in the gym than others. Whether you’re physically fatigued, have had a hard day at work, or simply are lacking motivation on the given day, if your mental drive is lower, your chances of having a PR-setting workout are incredibly low. In fact, performance may take a serious tumble if you aren’t mentally in the game.

Fortunately, there are a number of great supplements out there that can help you go that extra mile.

Let’s look at some of the best ingredients to consider in a pre-workout supplement to improve your mental focus so that you can give a maximum effort.


Coffee, everyone's favorite source of caffeine
Coffee, everyone’s favorite source of caffeine

The first and most commonly used mind enhancer is caffeine. Most people already know that caffeine can give them a mental energy boost when they need it as they’re routinely in the habit of turning to a morning cup of coffee to get their day going.

But, don’t underestimate the power of caffeine pre-workout as well. A 200 mg dose can immediately help you feel more alert, energized, and help you put in more effort during the session ahead.

As an added benefit, caffeine taken before a workout session can also help to speed up the total rate of fat oxidation, helping improve weight loss results.

Just do be sure to monitor how much caffeine you take in the hours prior to bed as it can interfere with sleep. If you are exercising later in the evening, you may want to use a caffeine free product instead.


Egg whites, a great natural source of Tyrosine
Egg whites, a great natural source of Tyrosine

Another ingredient to consider is L-Tyrosine. This is a particular amino acid that you take in through food as well, however typically not in high enough dosages to really make a noticeable difference.

Taking this amino acid can help to increase your overall state of mental alertness, improve your overall feeling of well-being, and can also help to fend off mental fatigue as well.

Those who use this ingredient will typically find they can sustain a higher intensity of exercise longer than without.

As it is non-stimulatory, it also won’t pose any threat to you being able to fall asleep at night.

Vitamin B12

Beef liver, a natural source of vitamin B12
Beef liver, a natural source of vitamin B12

Finally, the last ingredient to consider is vitamin B12. This is another nutrient that you will take in daily through your food intake, however once again not in nearly a high enough dosage to really notice serious benefits.

Vitamin B12 is a natural energy boosting vitamin that will not only help to increase mental focus but also help to energize your body on a physical level. Organ meats have high levels of B12 (like the beef liver pictured above), but most people probably won’t eat that. Luckily, you can get B12 supplements in pill form.

Look for products that contain upwards of 500 mcg of this vitamin to see the stated benefits.

As it is a water soluble vitamin, it’s safe to take in these higher levels.

So there you have three mental performance boosting ingredients to consider using prior to your workout session. If you use one or more of these, you’ll find that you can go into the gym and push harder than you otherwise would have, helping you get to that end goal you’re striving for.


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