Raymond Querido on IIFYM (Flexible Dieting)

Raymond Querido on IIFYM (Flexible Dieting)

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Does this fit your macros?

Flexible dieting aka IIFYM to me is the most optimal and accurate way to get to your goals whether you’re bulking or cutting.

Being able to track and manipulate macronutrients intake gives a lot more accuracy over just tracking calories or eating based on food source.

It also gives a positive outlook on food and dieting, emotionally and physically. You are not deprived of the foods you enjoy because you can still have them in moderation by accounting for them.

Flexible dieting will promote a better level of sustainability to someones life that is working on changing their body composition.

Raymond Querido
Raymond Querido, author of this blog post
5 Things People Should Know About Flexible Dieting
  1. It is not a diet, it is a counting system to help with accuracy. There is NO good and bad foods just good and bad portions.
  2. It is not all about eating junk food. A successful flexible dieter will know this. There is no way you will hit your daily protein and fiber goals by eating pop tarts and candy all day.
  3. Micronutrient intake is also important in the big scheme of things. Eating a variety of different food sources will help you do that. Getting 2-3 servings of fruits and veggies daily is good way to do that.
  4. Each person’s macro needs will be different based on the individual. That is key in order to succeed using flexible dieting.
  5. Flexible dieting will give you a better grasp on nutrition because you will learn to be more aware of nutritional facts of food sources.


  1. Jordan
    First step is just make the jump, start tracking. Download myfitnesspal, find your maintenance cals stay consistent hitting macros. After a couple weeks make minor adjustments to macros based on your goal. Tracking macros gets easier with time so just jump into it. Keep reading and learning on it too.

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