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Ronnie Coleman Interview


We asked Ronnie Coleman 10 quick questions, and here’s what he had to say:

What is your personal favorite supplement in the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Line?
Well that’s tough because I like and use them all but I would have to say ISO-TROPIC MAX. Protein is the most important thing when trying to maintain and build muscle. A high quality protein isolate will help to ensure you are meeting your daily protein goals. I take it every day multiple times a day.

Ronnie Coleman, policemanYou were a police officer for many years including most of your professional career as a bodybuilder. How did that profession prepare you for success as a professional bodybuilder and now owner of a supplement company?
I loved my job on the police force… best job in world. Believe it or not I enjoyed going to work every day to get away from the stresses of competing and being Mr.Olympia. it gave me a mental break from focusing on training and competing constantly. Plus, it always had a surprise waiting for me every time I stepped out on the streets but thanks to God I came home each and every night which I am extremely thankful for.

What was your most memorable moment as a competitive bodybuilder?
Without a doubt winning my first Mr. Olympia title. They were all great but there’s no feeling like the first one.

What did your diet look like when you were at your all time best?
My diet was always consistent throughout my whole reign as Mr. Olympia. I only counted carbs and protein keeping protein pretty much at a consistent 600 grams a day while carbs varied from 150 a day to 1000 a day based on when my nutritionist would have me cycle them. I never counted fat but always kept it low by not adding any additional to my diet.

How did you structure your training when you were winning all the Olympia Titles?
5 days on 2 days off with a different body group getting hit twice a week. For example, if I trained chest / tris on Monday it got trained againon Friday and then a different body group the following week.

Do you miss competing?
All the time. You accept it but I bet if you ask any retired NFL guy the same question the answer will always be yes.

Many of the followers know you recently had hip surgery. How has the recovery process gone thus far and are you able to still train?
Double hip replacement. Recovery is great. I still have some healing to do but I feel better than ever and am training hard again. Check out my youtube channel… you’ll see. Not bad for an old man.

What advice would you give someone who is new to the bodybuilding scene? Someone who has been competing for a few years? And a veteran who has been grinding it out for decades?
For the rookie, and I say this all the time, find someone who has been doing it for a while and learn from them. That’s the best way to do it.
Those that have been competing a few years, I would say keep learning your body every day and be patient. Don’t expect changes to happen overnight.
The Vet, well if they are a vet they probably don’t need much advice… even from me.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting their own supplement line?
It is WAY harder than you think it is… WAY HARDER. Expect a lot of sacrifice for little reward in the beginning.

Along the way to becoming the greatest bodybuilder of all time you must have developed some of your own philosophies and secrets. Please share with the readers what you believe helped keep you on top for so long.
I say this all the time. There aint no secrets to being successful. No special tricks or tactics. You either have the drive, passion and work ethic to be the best and never give up or you don’t. Plain and simple. You must be willing to do more than the guy next to you in order to win… that’s something I think people are born with.

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Jose Raymond Interview

Jose took 1st place in the 212 class at the Arnold Sports Festival this past weekend.

Just before the contest, we caught up with him and asked some questions:

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Dusty Hanshaw Interview

How did you get interested in bodybuilding?
Following a shoulder injury that ended my ice hockey playing days I started working out in the gym to stay in shape. Like most guys I always liked the idea of being bigger than average but in the beginning didn’t have the discipline to start bodybuilding. I did one show early on in my lifting days but that was more of a bucket list item and I had no plans of competing again. About 5 years later after having been working in the sports nutrition industry I decided that i wanted to bodybuild again and I set out for another show. It was this second show that got me hooked on the process of bodybuilding.