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Quest Bars vs Combat Crunch Bars

Quest set the bar high, no pun intended.

Chances are, if you ask anyone what the best protein bar is, they will tell you Quest protein bars.

And they have earned that title. Quest has a HUGE selection of flavors that are all equally delicious, with a very good nutritional profile. Quest bars aren’t filled with junk ingredients like most protein bars, but somehow they still taste amazing.

Muscle Pharm recently broke into the protein bar market, with their Combat Crunch bars. So I decided to compare them to Quest bars.

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Everyone loves Quest Protein Bars. Or at least the vast majority of people.

But did you know that you can make great tasting, healthy creations instead of just eating the bars by themselves?

Here’s 4 of our favorite recipes that use Quest bars. (Some are a bit trickier than others)

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I’m going to show you how to make some delicous and healthy protein “bars”. I put it in quotes because they aren’t really like bars… they fall apart pretty easily… but they still are delicious!