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Sludge Recipes

Haven’t heard of protein sludge?

Your loss!

It’s only some of the tastiest, easiest to make, protein “food”.

It’s fun too, because you can mix and match the ingredients depending on your mood.

The foundation is just a scoop of protein powder, some peanut butter or almond butter, and a liquid (milk, almond milk, water, orange juice, etc).

Mix it all together with a spoon, and go to town!

I actually like to add a “crunchy” part to this formula. This will add even more calories, which is great if you’re trying to gain weight.
I prefer to use granola or cereal. Just slowly add it into the wet mixture, until you get the desired consistency.

Here are some recipes from around the Interwebz:

1. Sludge with Marc Lobliner

Here is the “creator” of Sludge, Marc Lobliner, way back in 2009. He likes using blueberries with his sludge, but I’ve never been a fan of that. At least not with chocolate protein powder.


2. Protein Candy Sludge

Protein Candy Sludge
This recipe is not as healthy as others, since it has you adding in random candy bars and whatnot. But it’s still packed with protein, and delicious!

Recipe here


3. Basic Sludge

Basic Sludge Recipe
Pretty basic recipe for this one, but a good foundation.

Recipe here


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4. Chocolate Almond Butter Sludge

Chocolate Almond Butter Sludge
This is going to be more of a “fudge-y” recipe, so check it out if you’re into that!

Recipe here


5. Strawberry Pop Shot Sludge

Strawberry Pop Shot
Sludge can be fruity too! Here’s a tasty strawberry version.

Recipe here


6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Sludge
We saved the best for last. Look at that pic! How could you not want to eat it!?
I love my sludge crunchy, and this recipe is amazing.

Recipe here

Do you have you own favorite sludge recipe? Share it below!

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How much protein is enough?

Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, protein is the most important macronutrient that needs to be included in your diet. Protein has many functions in the body, but for those aiming to get in shape, the most relevant is that protein is responsible for building and repairing muscles. So as long as protein is taken alongside a reasonable exercise plan, it helps create shapely muscles and a toned body. However with so much information available these days, it’s hard to find out how much protein is sufficient for someone who wants to lose weight, build muscle, participate in sport or just wants to know. This article will reveal the most well researched suggested protein intakes for men.

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BPI protein

Have you ever wondered how your favorite protein powder came to be, or better yet wondered if the contents of the container are what the label actually says? BPI Sports co-founder James Grage has taken great strides in sports nutrition by providing you peace of mind with the introduction of a third party testing agency called Chromadex.

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Amino Spiking

If you’re not familiar with amino-spiking, it’s basically a way for manufacturers to sell you a cheaper, lower quality product, without reflecting that on the label. It makes it really difficult for customers to decide which protein is actually good quality.

You can read about it in detail here

Purus Labs was not one of the companies spiking their protein, and they have come up with a solution to prove it.

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ON Protein Energy flavors
ON Protein Energy flavors

Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy

Do you often find that you struggle to get yourself out of bed in the morning? For most people, there are two primary issues they deal with in the morning.

First, having enough energy to get out of bed and get their day going.

Second, getting in some lean protein to help fuel their day.

Fortunately, Optimum Nutrition has just made achieving both of these objectives easy with their new Protein Energy product.

Let’s take a closer look at what this product is all about and why you might want to consider trying it yourself.

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You might have heard of Bulletproof Coffee. Basically it’s just coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT Oil mixed in.

The grass-fed (try to get organic also) butter is much different than regular butter, as a result of the cows’ diet. There are many more vitamins and Omega-3’s in grass fed butter. This is good fat, don’t be scared!

The MCT Oil is optional. Some claim it enhances the effects of the coffee, and doesn’t leave you jittery or crashing a few hours later. What we do know for sure, is that MCT Oil is extremely good for you. This type of fat gets processed directly by your liver, which means you get immediate energy and thermogenesis (increased body temperature).

Energy + fat burning, not bad huh?

And then of course you’re adding about 25g of protein to fuel your muscles.

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I’m going to show you how to make some delicous and healthy protein “bars”. I put it in quotes because they aren’t really like bars… they fall apart pretty easily… but they still are delicious!

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How to Gain Weight
How to Gain Weight

A question we get asked a lot is “How do I gain weight?
I can tell you the answer in 2 words: Eat more.

Bodybuilder food
Bodybuilder food
Many people think that lifting weights makes you gain weight, but it doesn’t! Eating more calories causes you to gain weight. And if you are eating the right food, then then lifting weights will ensure that the weight you gain is muscle. You could spend every day in the gym, but if you aren’t eating enough, then you won’t be gaining any weight!

You need to write down every single thing you eat for a few days, and average it out. Then add 300-500 calories to that average, and make that your new daily calorie goal. This should allow you to gain about 1lb per week. You want to try gaining 1lb-2lbs per week, anything more than that will just be fat. The website I use to find nutrition info for food is Nutritiondata.com