Ten Life/Diet-Saving Uses of Core MRP

Ten Life/Diet-Saving Uses of Core MRP

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Core MRP

Anyone who shares the Core Nutritionals’ “CRUSH IT” mentality understands how hard it is to pursue a wide range of life goals while consistently sticking to a diet and meal plans filled with quality calories.

Getting in four to six balanced meals each day is tough enough, much less including them in a day of meetings, phone calls, getting kids ready for or personally going to school, and finding time for the gym–not to mention any personal relaxation time.

Between so many responsibilities pulling in every direction, finding time to cook, prepare, pack, and carry along entire meals every day can feel like too much.

Core MRP supplement
Viewers of Suppz.com and this article, likely understand how important it is to maintain a consistent, balanced diet in orderto reach fitness goals and have good health. Letting a long to-do list stand in the way isn’t an option. That refusal to bow to busy schedules is the inspiration behind Core MRP.

Core MRP is a full spectrum, whole food- sourced, nutrient- packed meal replacement powder. It’s designed for anyone that takes their diet seriously and refuses to settle for low-quality junk food when cravings for sweets strike or skipping meals when things get busy.

Each serving contains 27 grams of complex carbohydrates from oat and barley flour and 27 grams of quality whey and casein protein, with digestive enzymes and a vitamin and mineral blend mixed in for enhanced benefits. Not to mention, Core MRP provides all this in five sinfully delicious flavors, including Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie!

Even though virtually anyone can benefit from this product, here are ten types of people in particular who can “CRUSH IT” with Core MRP:

1. The Busy Mom

Core MRP shake
Kids are notorious for waking up as late as humanly possible for school each morning, causing moms to rush to make sure they are ready for school in time. For all the moms out there, Core MRP can help alleviate some of the stress by offering a great breakfast option for the kids. It isn’t just an easy and quick meal to prepare, but is also packed with the nutrients children need to start off the day right. Plus, with flavors like Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie and Rich Chocolate, they’ll never even know it’s healthy.

Simply add 2 scoops of MRP into a shaker bottle with 8-16 ounces of water, shake well, and the kids have a balanced breakfast to enjoy as they rush out the door. In addition, making an extra shake can ensure mom doesn’t have to sacrifice her diet due to taking care of the family.

2. Young Athletes

Despite children being interested in playing sports as soon as they can walk, it’s often difficult to convey the importance of proper nutrition for optimal performance and continued growth. To make it even harder, nutrient-lacking foods fill most school vending machines and cafeterias. This leaves few convenient options for healthy nutrition.

With individual servings packed in sandwich bags, Core MRP can be easily kept in backpacks for easy between-class snacks and pre-practice meals.

3. The Suit & Tie

The standard 9-to-5 office job can be brutal to anyone concerned about their health. Meetings, phone calls, emails; getting everything done before a deadline is a true race against time. Throw in an upcoming annual review or busy time of year for the company, and stopping to eat a full meal every few hours may be the last thing on someone’s mind.

Bring a shaker bottle with a few scoops of MRP to the water cooler for a quick meal. Enjoy it while responding to emails or before that big meeting and never miss a meal or deadline again.

4. The Road Warrior

Protein bread
Some businessmen spend as much or more time in the seat of a car or plane as they do in an actual office, leading to even more challenges to maintaining a proper diet. Without knowing when the next opportunity for a healthy meal may be and not always being able to carry a large meal management bag on trips, Core MRP helps eliminate the stress staying fueled on the road or in the air.

Along with the option of having it as a shake, Core MRP also makes an excellent protein pudding. Mix in just enough water to reach a thick consistency and place in your hotel fridge overnight; the next morning the blend will be a delicious, well-balanced breakfast before continuing a business trip. Pudding made from the Rich Chocolate flavor, for instance, tastes just like brownie batter!

5. College Students on a Budget

College usually means living on a tight budget; for most, that means Ramen noodles and hot dog dinners, or student discount night at the local pizza place. That may sound fun initially, but a few weeks of fast and fried can lead to packing on size…and not muscle size! Along with the common “Freshman Fifteen,” it can also instill poor eating habits that stick with students long after graduation.

At just $2 per serving, Core MRP provides everything that a college student should look for in a meal: a good value, sound nutrition, and delicious taste! Low in fat–with just 3-4 grams depending on the flavor–and a full 27 grams each of carbohydrate and protein, even the most coupon-savvy student will be hard pressed to find a better deal for the macros around campus.

6. The Roommate Years

At some time or other, everyone has likely lived with one or several roommates. Sharing a kitchen with multiple people can make weekly meal prep quite challenging. Having Core MRP in the cabinet to make a quick shake, pudding, or even pancakes and other baked goods (More on that later!) can provide several meal options throughout the week—all while saving space and hassle in the kitchen.

7. Early Morning Workouts

Protein Pudding Toast
For some people, hitting the gym early in the morning is either preferred or the only time of day available. In order to perform at the highest level in the gym, not to mention the importance of eating a good breakfast in order to kick start muscle growth for the day, getting in a proper pre-workout breakfast before heading off to train is incredibly important.

At the same time, training on a full stomach can be uncomfortable and even lead to sub-par performance. Core MRP in a shake or as a pudding is a quick and light way to get the carbohydrates and fat necessary for energy, as well as the protein needed to stimulant muscle growth—all without the stuffed feeling before those 6:00 a.m. squats!

8. Athletes with High Food Intake

Core MRP protein pancakes
Eating a lot of food will come up at some point in a diet aimed at adding muscle mass. Getting several hundred grams of carbohydrates solely from whole foods along with plenty of fat and protein; can be challenging. Making a nutritious meal replacement shake can be the answer.

Core MRP is a delicious way to add quality calories. Use it as a base for a homemade weight-gain shake with foods like fruits and nut butters, or mix it into oatmeal for a flavorful variation with additional carbs and protein.

9. When Cravings Attack

Core MRP protein waffles
The most dedicated dieters still have a sweet tooth. Who doesn’t like a good cookie or slice of cake? They’re hard to pass up, but other foods can satisfy a sweet tooth without resorting to nutrient-lacking foods. Fitness goals can be reached and taste buds satisfied. Yes,you can literally have your cake and eat it too.

Since its release, Core MRP has become famous for its many uses in baking recipes. The carbohydrate sources come from oat and barley flour, making it perfect for substituting it in for some or all of the flour/pastry mix in a recipe. Everything can be made with MRP, from quick pancakes using only water, baking powder and soda, to decadent deserts like brownies, cookies and cakes. MRP allows for great tasting deserts that still provide the necessary nutrients – with none of the junk or guilt.

Looking for a weekend brunch idea but butter-laden waffles covered in syrup doesn’t quite fit your diet plan? Kathy from Suppz.com faced the same dilemma, and decided to whip up healthy and delicious MRP waffles instead!

10. The Outdoorsman

Outdoor workout
Not everyone living a healthy lifestyle enjoys hitting the gym to stay active. For those that prefer being outdoors and taking trips to hike or rock climb, having an efficient food source is critical. MRP provides the energy needed for a full day of walking, running, climbing or rowing without wasting valuable space in a gear bag. The powder eliminates any worries about spoilage as well.

There’s nothing better than a refreshing Banana Cream-flavored MRP between climbing mountain faces or while floating down the river!

The New Standard in Meal Replacements

Many “meal replacement” products on the market contain cheap sugars like maltodextrin or dextrose, or low quality and/or amino-spiked protein that rob the user of hard earned money and the chance of reaching their full athletic potential.

With Core MRP, what’s on the label is exactly what’s inside, Core customers know that they’re receiving the quality they deserve for better health, improved performance, and more gainzzz!


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