Testing Muscletech Phospha Muscle – Hype or Does it Work?

Testing Muscletech Phospha Muscle – Hype or Does it Work?

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People are often skeptical when a new supplement is launched, and rightfully so. Especially when it contains an ingredient that hasn’t really been in many supplements before.

This is the case with Muscletech Phospha Muscle, with the main ingredient being phosphotidic acid. (And it’s a bit pricey too)

You can see the claims from Muscletech in this video about Phospha Muscle:

Basically phosphotidic acid is naturally produced in the body during resistance training, and supplementing with more of it can increase protein synthesis.

In one study, subjects supplementing with phosphotidic acid gained 5.3lbs of lean muscle in 8 weeks, twice what the placebo group gained.

We decided to put Phospha Muscle to the test ourselves, and see if it really worked like in the study above.

Follow the journey below to see Suppz athlete Evan’s Phospha Muscle review.
(Keep in mind he only did a 4-week run of Phospha Muscle, not 8 weeks like in the study)

Evan is a Men’s Physique athlete who has been training for about 7 years, so no noobie gains here.


Evan introduces himself and tells you about his background, and what his plans are with Phospha Muscle.

Week 1
  • Gained about 1 pound
  • Seems to be more sore

Week 2
  • Gained 2 pounds (added about 120 calories from carbs each day)
  • High intensity in the gym
  • Still more sore than normal

Week 3
  • Lifts going great
  • Bodyweight stayed same
  • Strength has been increasing
  • Good energy in the gym

Week 4 (Conclusion)
  • Gained 7lbs over the 4 week trial

So it looks like the Phospha Muscle claims held true!

While somewhat expensive, if your diet and training are both in check, this could be a great addition to help you gain lean muscle mass.

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