The Evolution of Renny D

The Evolution of Renny D

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The Evolution of Renny D

If you’re anything like me, you know that walking into a gym for the first time can be intimidating. What is also equally intimidating is when you walk into a supplement store for the first time. This can be your traditional bricks and mortar store or an ecommerce website. For some time, I would walk into a local supplement store and purchase items I thought I needed based of the recommendation from a supplement “professional” or a magazine ad I saw. Sound familiar? The following blogs from me will help assist you in getting honest feedback and reviews from supplements. This is not a magazine ad. This is not a TV commercial. This is the cold hard truth on supplements.

For the better part of my life I have always wanted to be one thing: a professional wrestler. When I was 16 years old I started training to become a professional wrestler. A professional wrestler is what I became. My professional wrestling career has taken me all across the upper Midwest to places I would have never been. I have met so many people because of professional wrestling that I am forever grateful for what the business has provided me.

Those of you that have ever watched professional wrestling or even watch it today know that it is a form of entertainment. Pro wrestling requires their performers to have unique characteristics such as character but also requires them to be athletically superior to those who buy a ticket to sit front row. This is where I fell in love with the sport of body building and the supplement industry.

Renny D

As a professional wrestler you are required to look the part. In order to do that I had to follow my concept of the three D’s: Desire, Dedication and Diet. These are the three keywords to have a successful physique. My desire was to look great and to look like the professional wrestlers that I grew up idolizing: The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and more. My dedication was getting into the gym five days a week to lift heavy and often to put on size, get into shape, and achieve that physique of my idols. My diet was to eat right but also to incorporate supplements to ensure my body was receiving all the essentials it needs.


The supplement part was very difficult for me in my early stages of usage. The world of professional wrestling has plenty of people who are big and strong, some natural, others not. So there were always many theories that flooded the locker room that guaranteed you to put on size and look great. This is the same lines of B.S. we get fed when we walk into a supplement store. Are the sales reps knowledgeable? For the most part yes. Are they looking out for your best interests? Not always. With plenty of marketing dollars behind brands many manufactures will pay the sales rep a spiff (sales incentive) to push their products over others. I am not here to do that. My goal is not to deceive you but to provide you with info on how these supplements work for me.

Enough about me and my professional wrestling career. Let’s move onto my current stack of supplements courtesy of As a Suppz Athlete my primary job is to test product and give honest feedback. The first shipment I received from was a test booster and a NO2 booster from MAN Sports.

MAN Sports is an up-and-coming brand without the massive marketing dollars you’ll find in Muslce & Fitness magazine ads. Their primary focus is on formulating products that are beneficial to those who use them. I became familiar with this brand several years ago while researching the supplement business. Their product line includes Game Day (pre workout), Nolvadren XT (test booster), IsoAmino, and so much more. The two products I got to test are Delta XT (test booster) and Body Octane (NO2 booster).

MAN Sports Body Octane
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Body Octane is a supplement who’s primary goal is to help pump oxygen into your bloodstream to increase endurance, limit muscle fatigue and soreness, while producing a good “pump.” I have always had issues with these supplements as I never truly get the “pump” feel the product claims to give. I don’t get vascular veins the way some people do. Although I don’t get the vascular veins that I want this product does provide good endurance as well as muscle recovery thus far. I have upped my leg press to 900lbs with minimal fatigue and soreness. During week 1 of using this I tweaked my groin and hip area of my right leg. Typically, the next day I would be very sore. Since being on this product my soreness was very minimal and I was back at it the next day. More to come on this product the more I use it.

MAN Sports Delta XT
Click here to learn more about MAN Sports Delta XT
Delta XT is meant to increase your testosterone levels while you sleep. This comes in a pill format. I take three capsules before bed-time. The one thing I notice right away is a much better night’s sleep. This is significant in muscle recovery and testosterone levels. We have a puppy at my house so sleep in general is lacking but with this product I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the weights at 5:00AM. I do not notice my libido increasing or decreasing. My strength has increased but then again I am lifting heavy with less reps. I will continue to monitor my progress on the three major lifts: bench press, squats, and deadlifts.

For purposes of this blog I must admit other supplements I have been using with the two mentioned above: ESP by Metabolic Nutrition (preworkout) and TRI-PEP by Metabolic Nutrition (intraworkout). I also take whey protein, a multi-vitamin, turmeric, and liquid fish oil.

I look forward to continuing this for two more weeks. I will post a vlog (video blog) of my review to accompany these written blogs as well.

For more information on me please follow me on Twitter @RealRennyD. To download my professional wrestling podcast please visit, download us on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.


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