The Ultimate Guide to Weight Lifting Motivation

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Lifting Motivation

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Bodybuilding Motivation

When it comes to building the ultimate body, there is a lot of talk about different training and diet strategies but not much talk about the most important aspect – the mental mindset it takes to achieve great results and to constantly stay motivated.

Riding the wave of motivation is the fastest track to reaching your goals quickly. If you are passionate about something, you are going to work hard and achieve great results – simple as that.

I have been working out for almost a decade and have gone through intense periods of being highly motivated and periods where I lacked motivation. Weight lifting motivation is something that is not talked about often but I want to give you all a new perspective on this often overlooked topic and help you past any personal plateaus you may experience.

Let’s dive into 3 of my favorite motivational principles so you can experience the incredible feeling of great results and motivation.

Step One: Positive Momentum

Dumbbell rack
Try to increase your reps or weight every workout

When it comes to setting goals for your bodybuilding, it is vital to stack them up in chunks. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by lofty goals. The problem with this is you never quite reach positive momentum when you are constantly focusing on where you want to be in 5 or 10 years.

It is crucial to get excited about the small victories during your training and bodybuilding. I classify small victories as “momentum building” milestones where you have tangible proof that you are getting bigger, stronger, leaner, faster, whatever your goal may be.

This could be something like hitting 225 lbs on the bench press for the 1st time, or finally seeing those abs start to come through.

Seeing visual proof of your hard work, and actually knowing that you are stronger than you were 2 weeks ago, causes an amazing burst of energy and momentum.

When you have positive momentum with your bodybuilding you feel like you can accomplish anything and you will have incredible training sessions. I always say ride the wave of positive momentum as long and hard as you can.

Bodybuilding is more of a marathon than a sprint, and you will find at times you have more motivation than others.

This is why it’s so crucial to always set little 1 or 2 week goals. Hitting small goals every few weeks will keep your momentum going the right way and equal awesome results over time.

I keep a workout log and track the weight and reps on my compound exercises. My goal is to increase the weight I lift on bench press, squat and dead lift by 5 lbs every 2 weeks. Since I have been working out for almost 7 years this is always an uphill battle – but it’s also a realistic number for me to achieve every 2 weeks.

I know that if I can increase the weight by 5 lbs every 2 weeks this will translate into over 50 lbs on my compound lifts in just 1 year – and that’s some serious strength gains!

Step Two: Enjoy the Journey

The Rock, enjoying his workout
The Rock, enjoying his workout

This one is so crucial. How in the world are you going to reach your potential when you hate the grind and day-to-day work of reaching it? The people who are the best bodybuilders and world-class achievers in the world take tremendous pride in enjoying the journey.

I can’t tell you how many guys I have worked with in the past and trained that do not embrace this simple concept and it literally eats away at their ambition and motivation each day.
If you don’t like where you are at – there are 2 options you can have. You can lose energy and momentum and get down on yourself or you can work your butt off and use this as inspiration! Obviously choosing the latter path is a much wiser choice.

From self made millionaires, to world class athletes – they all got their with consistent hard work and the only way you are going to stay consistent and be a top level performer is to enjoy the grind.

Enjoying the grind with bodybuilding means that each day you look forward to working your butt off in the gym, eating clean, and slowly chipping away at your long-term goals. You know that consistent and dedicated hard work each day will yield amazing long-term results and you don’t get side tracked and distracted by the length of the journey.

Step Three: Conviction in your Potential

Muhammad Ali quote
One of the biggest aspects to your weight lifting motivation is having 100 percent conviction that you can reach your bodybuilding goals. If you know with 100 percent certainty that your hard work = the results you want you will be able to reach a new level of training intensity.

Many weight lifters simply do not have conviction in their bodybuilding goals. They think they have “bad genetics” and just don’t have what it takes to reach their ideal physique. This is complete BS. There have been competitive level bodybuilders with every genetic body type.

Hard work will equal amazing results but you are only going to work your butt off if you think your work is going to equal amazing results. Make sense?

That is why you must always have the confidence in yourself that you can make impressive gains and reach the next level of training prowess.

Bodybuilding and lifting weights is all about chipping away each day at your goals and staying motivated that you have the potential to reach your end game goals.

It is important to have a strong ego with your bodybuilding goals. This means that you know you have the physical and genetic potential to reac your goals and you are going to grind away at your goal each day. Have the mindset that if another man achieved it so can you! This is the mindset that many of the great champions have forged.


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