Top Protein Bars 2017 List

Top Protein Bars 2017 List

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Whether you need a quick and portable option for getting in some calories, are looking for a healthier alternative for a snack or are simply trying to increase the amount of protein in you daily diet, protein bars are a great option. They have come a long way over the past few years and long lost are the days of choking down the chalky, dry bricks that many thought just came with the territory.

Thankfully, these aren’t your dad’s protein bar and the flavors along with texture are quite incredible. That does leave a tricky aspect to navigate though, as you want a clean protein bar, and not a thinly disguised candy bar masquerading as a health food. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best bars on the market that have had good feedback in regards to flavor/texture and we’ll handle the breakdown of the ingredients and macros.

#1 Oh Yeah! One Bar

one bar birthday cake
The ONE Bar is top in texture and taste with solid nutritionals.

Nutrition Snapshot:

  • 210-230 calories/bar
  • 22g protein/bar
  • 7-8g fat/bar
  • 1g sugar/bar
  • 10-13g sugar alcohols/bar
  • Protein Source: Whey & Milk Protein Isolates

When it comes to the Oh Yeah! brand, there is little doubt that they make delicious bars. The previous bars that they have put out were always well received in terms of flavor and texture, but that’s about as much as we can give them credit for. We weren’t blown away by the profile of the original bar they produced in the least as taking the 85g Peanut Butter Crunch bar for example it packed 360 calories, 19 grams of fat, 25 grams of protein (including soy) and had 36g of carbs ( of which 2g sugar, 2g fiber and  8g sugar alcohols).

With the launch of their One Bar, however, you wouldn’t even believe the bar came from the same company! They have taken their outstanding flavors and not only made the flavor better, but re-engineered the bars from the ground up to make the profile one of the best out there to go along with the taste. Comparing apples to apples, the Peanut Butter Pie One Bar packs nearly the same amount of protein as their original bar with 22g and improved upon this making it exclusively whey and milk protein isolates. They also dramatically cut the calorie count down to 220 calories along with the fat and carbs to 8g and 23g (of which 1g sugar, 10g fiber and 9g sugar alcohols) respectively.

A night and day difference in profile to go along with a flavor/texture that is very, very good and this is why we find Oh Yeah! One bars flying of the shelves and in high favor with consumers.

The Verdict:

Oh Yeah One bars are a solid bar from top to bottom in terms of macronutrients, ingredient profile and consumer feedback in regards to flavor and texture. These are a top selling bar for a reason.


#2 FitJoy

fitjoy protein bars
Fitjoy has great taste and is naturally flavored.

Nutrition Snapshot:

  • 220-230 calories/bar
  • 20g protein/bar
  • 7-8g fat/bar
  • 4-5g sugar/bar
  • No sugar alcohols, artificial colors, flavors or sucralose
  • GMO & Gluten Free
  • Protein Source: Whey & Milk Protein Isolates

New to the protein bar scene, Cellucor lined up to take its shot at a very competitive market. The emphasis that they chose to go with was to make a bar as clean as possible. With a hefty 20g of protein of protein per bar, what ISN’T in the bars was just as big of a deal as what they did put in. For this purpose, they opted to include no GMOs, gluten, artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners, sucralose or preservatives. This is a far cry from other bars on the market so this wasn’t an easy task. The end result has been a well-received bar from the consumer that manages to keep a good texture and flavor profile while cutting down on a lot of the stuff many are consciously looking to reduce from their daily intake.

Rounding out the ingredient profile, FitJoy uses more natural alternatives to the conventionally used items such as stevia and erythritol for sweetening along with chicory root fiber for texture. IT is a solid ingredient profile from top to bottom and surely won’t disappoint those looking for a more ‘natural’ take on the protein bar market.

The Verdict:

This is a very solid choice for those looking for more ‘natural’ alternative to many of the other top bars on the market today. Texture is a bit tacky.


#3 MuscleTech Mission 1

mission 1 protein bar
Mission 1 is very clean, great tasting bar.

Nutrition Snapshot:

  • 190-220 calories/bar
  • 21g protein/bar
  • 6-9g fat/bar
  • 1g sugar/bar
  • No sugar alcohols, artificial flavors or colors
  • Protein Source: Milk and Whey Protein Isolates

Not known for its ventures into the protein bar category previously, MuscleTech too direct aim at one of the long standing top seller Quest bar with the introduction of its Mission 1 bars. They were created as a protein packed, ‘clean’ protein bar with the main call-outs of containing no sugar alcohols, artificial colors or flavors. Very similar to a few other bars in the category, they are high fiber using both chicory root and soluble corn fiber as the basis as well as the inclusion of isomalto-oligosaccharides. One thing that is refreshing to see compared to similar bars is the inclusion of stevia as a natural sweetener rather than sucralose.

The Verdict:

You can think of this as an updated and slightly cleaner version of the kingpin Quest Bar. Consumer feedback for texture and flavor has been good, drawing comparisons between the two. The main downside that many are finding is that there are currently only 4 flavors available.


#4 MusclePharm Combat Crunch

combat crunch bar
Combat Crunch has a soft inside with a crunchy outside!

Nutrition Snapshot:

  • 210 calories/bar
  • 20g protein/bar
  • 7-10g fat/bar
  • 5g sugar/bar
  • 1g sugar alcohol/bar
  • Protein Source: Whey & Milk Protein Isolates

Long known for their reputation as ‘The Athlete’s Company’, it only made sense that MusclePharm would make a foray into the protein bar market. Whether after hitting a long practice, following a weight training session or for the casual gym rat looking for yet another option to smash after their workout, the MusclePharm Combat Crunch bar was designed with all of them in mind. They took the approach of using a more ‘gourmet baked’ protein bar rather than go with the industry ‘standard’ of the ho-hum slab of a bar.

The result has been far from disappointing with the bar being well received across the industry as one of the better tasting ones out there and provides a refreshing alternative to the mainstream bar. Granted the trade-off is that they have generally higher sugar content compared to many of the other ‘low carb’ bars on the market, they still have what most would consider to be a pretty clean product.

The Verdict:

MusclePharm did an excellent job putting together a bar with their Combat Crunch to create a bar that has a pretty clean profile and great taste. One thing of note though is even with this being a quite good entry into the market, the same great formula and macro profile didn’t translate to their Arnold Series bars which seemed to take a big step back from their Combat Crunch, so buyer beware.


#5 Quest

quest protein bar
The bar that changed the category is still  a solid option.

Nutrition Snapshot:

  • 170-200 calories/bar
  • 20g protein/bar
  • 7-10g fat/bar
  • 1-4g sugar/bar
  • Protein Source: Milk & Whey Protein Isolates

Ah yes, the legendary Quest bar. This is the bar that came onto the market a few years ago and literally changed the game when it comes to what the consumer looks for in terms of a protein bar. Throwing the traditional ‘thinly disguised candy bar’ concept that plagued the protein bar market for years under the bus, Quest created the first of the high fiber, low sugar bars that redefined the category. Dominating for years with this concept, Quest has continually had a solid fan base with a solid macronutrient profile and always expanding flavor lineup.

One downside of note is that though the flavors are well received as some of the best on the market, the formula has changed a bit over the years and brought along tweaks to the texture and overall taste of the bar. Through it all though, Quest remains one of the leaders in the category.

The Verdict:

The reigning king, Quest has always created quality products that will be around for a long time to come. With a clean profile, unique and always expanding flavor line-up, they will always be a solid brand. Perhaps one of the best things that Quest has done aside from their own products is inspire other brands to follow suit and as a result, pushed others to create some phenomenal bars as well.


#6 ProSupps My Bar

pro supps my bar
My Bar looks promising! Taste and texture are on point.

Nutrition Snapshot:

  • 220 calories/bar
  • 20g protein/bar
  • 10g fat/bar
  • 6g sugar/bar
  • Unknown Sugar Alcohol Content
  • Protein Source: Whey Isolates & Concentrates; Milk Protein Isolate; Pea Protein Isolate

Best known for their legendary pre-workout Mr. Hyde, the good folks at ProSupps are ready to take on the protein game. With a bar aptly named ‘My Bar’, the early reception for flavor and texture has been very, very good and the ingredient profile appears to be on point as well. Featuring an industry standard 20g protein from a somewhat unique protein blend that emphasizing the exclusion of soy protein and instead featuring pea protein isolate, the bar is a solid choice protein wise.

The Verdict:

The initial entry for ProSupps into the protein bar market is a solid one and we see this being a contender due to it’s solid ingredient profile that will attract those looking for an incredible flavor and exclusion of soy protein isolate.


BPI Best Protein Bar (Dishonorable Mention)

best protein bar
BPI dropped the ball on this product. Consumer reviews have been poor.

Nutrition Snapshot:

  • 220-250 calories/bar
  • 20g protein/bar
  • 6-9g fat/bar
  • 2-7g sugar/bar
  • 5-9g sugar alcohols/bar
  • Protein Source: Whey & Milk Protein Isolates

Not to be outdone by anyone, BPI has always been one to jump into competitive markets head first and with full vigor. Their latest effort in the protein bar world resulted in their ‘Best Bar’. A look at the ingredient profile and we’re not quite sure that this bar lives up to the name. It doesn’t jump off the paper in terms of macronutrient profile or ingredients, coming in with a pretty standard range for calories, protein content and fiber amount. The taste and texture are among the worst in the category.

The Verdict:

We’re a bit confused by this bar…for advertising that they use stevia in the bar, one would think that it would be a more natural product, however it not only has stevia, but includes both sucralose and sugar alcohols. The macronutrient profile isn’t bad by any means, but nothing off the charts. Flavor and texture-wise this bar is one of the worst on the market and we honestly can’t recommend it if you want to enjoy eating your protein bar.

(Un) Wrapping It Up

No matter what your goals are, chances are that at some point or another you’ll be in need of a protein bar. Both delicious and convenient, they are a great a way to get in quality protein to stay on track to your goals and provide a healthy snack alternative. With so many great choices, it’s hard to go wrong and no matter what flavor you’re looking for, chances are, there is a brand out there that makes a clean bar to satisfy your palate.

In general, you want to look for a bar that has at least 20g protein, 10g or less in fat and minimal sugars. Also be mindful of how many grams of total sugar alcohols there are as eating too many can cause gastrointestinal upset in some.

Use coupon code: TOPBARS for 5% off any bar on this list at SUPPZ. FREE shipping $59+ or FREE 1-2 shipping on any order to WI, IA, IL, or MN.
Use coupon code: TOPBARS for 5% off any bar on this list at SUPPZ. FREE shipping $59+ or FREE 1-2 shipping on any order to WI, IA, IL, or MN.


  1. I think you nailed it. I would’ve flipped on the mission bar and combat crunch however.
    CC outsells Mission by a huge ration and Mission only has 3 flavors. CC has multiple flavors and better texture.
    Right away I knew BPI would be last even without looking.
    Seems like every bar tasted the same and is hard to chew.
    I love BPI and Muscletech, they’re legit companies, but their bar game needs some work.
    As for the Fitjoy, Cellucor should brand their name on there bigger.
    I didn’t know Fitjoy was a Cellucor product until I saw the box that it was Nutribilt.
    Cellucor has a good reputation and should capitalize on this with larger branding and marketing.
    Good bars however.
    Thanks for the bar update Suppz
    I don’t need any coupons or discounts from your site. I work for a supp company and probably won’t buy anything from
    I do however enjoy your updates and info. Good job and thank you again.

    • Sad day Matt! Glad you liked the article, though.

      You might be right on the Combat Crunch/Mission 1 flip. I’ll definitely take it into consideration. Pro Supps My Bar might end up beating them both out, though. I tried a few at the Olympia and liked them a lot. Very similar to Combat Crunch. And Metabolic’s bar is supposed to be very good as well.

  2. Not one plant based/vegan bar. The macros are approx the same and tasting better these days and have various protein sources. I have tried some ones listed in the past and are good

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