Travis Tardiff – a BIG Mistake to Work With!

Travis Tardiff – a BIG Mistake to Work With!

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We wrote this post to educate anyone about working with Travis Tardiff.

Long story short, Travis Tardiff is extremely difficult to work with, and he also never finished the service that we paid for. And he won’t refund us for the work he never finished. Travis Tardiff stole our money.

Now for the long story, we started working with Travis and his Instagram account with a large following: @travis_tardiff

We paid him to post promos for Suppz. It started alright, but ended badly. See our kik conversation with Travis below. (breaks in the conversation are where I edited out non-essential conversation)

Conversation with Travis Tardiff
Conversation with Travis Tardiff

After getting no response for several days, I emailed Travis. This is our conversation:

Suppz Travis, have you checked your kik lately?

Travis No, I have not it is the holidays. Been with family that I only see once a year

Suppz Happy holidays!

We need to be refunded for the remaining posts ($128.57 to [email protected]) when you get a chance please.


Travis I do not do refunds once again.

When I get to your posts they will be posted. Sorry that family is more important than an IG post. If yuu can get a hold of me on kik you cane mail me like you just did here and send me the photo and picture. Again THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. CLEARY stated in the legally binding paid invoice.

Suppz First of all their was no invoice. Second, you said all the posts would be completed in 3 weeks. I think it’s been at least 2 months now.

If you don’t want to refund us, I will have to write a blog post about you, so anyone who searches your name in the future will be aware that you are very difficult to work with.
And of course we will have to report you to Paypal and other authorities for not completing the job we paid for.

Travis Go for it. You can blog all you want. You can report to payapl all you want. You wont hurt me in anyway. I have to many followers and my Facebook alone, which is at almost 2 million followers. You can not ruin someone that millions of people idle. I am sorry. That is right you sent me the money so you really won’t be able to get a refund since you sent as a friend/gift (which means your telling payapl you sent money willingly with no intention of getting anything in return) I have been running my business through payapl for 4 years. I know every legal thing about them and how to counter act. When I get to your posts I will get to them, if you got a mother fucking issue with me spending time with my fucking family I only see once a year because your stupid fucking instagram post haven’t been posted then you my friend need to blog about yourself. When I get your posts they will be done. It takes longer than usual sometimes thats life. Like I said before I have people who wait months and pay me more. You can send your remanding posts to this email. I do not care about your promotions what so ever. I do shouts to grow pages. Send your pics in order how you want them posted like everyone else and they will be posted when I am not with my family for the holidays. I don’t live on social media sorry I missed your “kiks”. AGAIN I DO SHOUTS TO GROW PAGES. Send photos of hot chicks etc with your IG name and your caption. No more deals crap. I was nice and did that but I do not promote for anyone. AGAIN I HELP GROW PAGES. send your remaining pics and captions and they will be finished before Christmas.

Needless to say, we will not be working with Travis Tardiff again, and we will be pursuing the money he owes us. Hopefully you read this before working with him yourself!


    • As stated, we edited out the “small talk”. We are not trying to start drama, we just want our money back for the job he never finished.

  1. I had the same deal from Travis and I had no issues. Do not get me wrong it took time for my posts to go up but they went and the feedback was awesome. Looks like you guys just were impatient from the email conversation I read. Sometimes it takes time. Just because photos aren’t posted when you want doesn’t mean its bad business. He even said he would give you more shouts if they weren’t involved with promotion of products. I think this blog is pointless and could of been handled without exploiting anyone. I personally feel like you all wanted to stir up crap.

    • He broke the agreed upon terms, and so we asked for a refund for the uncompleted posts. If Travis could not deliver in 3 weeks like he stated, Mr. Tardiff should respectfully return our money.

      Also, he did not say he would give more shouts if they weren’t involved with promotion of products. He said he would not allow promotion of products anymore. Another change to the agreed upon terms.

  2. I got his online training….I think he needs to work on his interpersonal skills. He does not reply to emails, he only sends the info without giving any more instructions or help.

    The personal trainers that I have worked in the past are very nice and friendly and I think Travis must work on that, he makes me feel like he is doing me a favor by working with me. He forgets that I am the client and I am paying him to help me. I regret spending my money on him.

    • “he makes me feel like he is doing me a favor by working with me. He forgets that I am the client and I am paying him to help me.”

      I completely agree!

    • I had the same problem with him. Yet when you question him it’s always excuses. He shouldn’t be a trainer or coach at all. Focus on himself cause that’s all he is truly worried about, he could careless about his customers or clients.

  3. He needs to work on his interpersonal skills. I hired him as a online coach and I regret it.

    He does not reply to my questions and I feel like he is doing me a favor by working with me. I son’t feel motivated or happy to work with him.

  4. I also attempted to work with him as an online coach. Total scam, he gives you a cookie cutter meal plan and then you’re no longer an issue. You ask questions and he gives smartas* responses. He could give 2 shits less about the people he is supposedly trying to help. I was supposed to have monthly check ins for a year started back in August, I’ve gotten NONE!!! He’s a liar, a scammer, and a horrible coach!!!

  5. Wish I would have read this first. Paid him for personal consulting / diet training. After paying him he sent a nutrition plan without knowing one detail about me. a generic plan. Very arrogant, imature, aggressive reponse when I asked to work on a custom diet as advertised. He refused to fix this challenge blaming me saying my complaint was just an excuse.

    • Sorry to hear :/
      You might be able to file a Paypal dispute if you paid recently… I can’t remember if it gives you 30 or 90 days to file a dispute.

      We would have done this, but he led us on for months before we got fed up with it.

  6. I wish I would have found this post before I paid him 670$ for a job that he never did. Paypal would not refund me due to it was a modeling fee. So I have chosen to file a law suit against him. He threw a tantrum on facebok and tagged me. After FB and my attorney reviewed it, they agreed it was in fact slander. FB suspended his account. I do not know for how long. He informed me he has millions of followers and he will ruin me. I have never worked with a more unprofessional person in my life. When a so called business man send you 44 text messages, I question his ethics.

  7. Who is this guy. I have been competitive bodybuilder and Personal Trainer mfor over 20 years now and I thought I knew everyone in this industry. Never heard of him but I am so sorry for all the people who put their trust in him.
    I want to lend an hand but I am not sure what I can do. I offer you that people like that never prosper long. is Karma never forgets a face or an asshole. I truly believe this. Best to you all,

  8. He just scammed me and my company as well. Making excuses and lies and never did nothing he said he was going to do. Too bad I saw this late. Lesson learned.

  9. Travis is the biggest scam artist ever. Dude is an immature 12 year old…. He promises the moon, then sends over a generic boiler plate work out plan that you could get out of a mens health magazine. When he fails to make your consultation phone calls, he makes excuses. Then talks shit about you and refuses to give you a refund (he eventually gave in and said he would give me one after calling me an asshole who just wanted his product for free… I’ll believe the refund when I see it, told me it would take 30-60 days). I have dealt with scum in my past but this guy takes the cake. Oh, and then he tells me he is going to put me on blast! The dude can’t handle rejection and thinks he’s god’s gift. In reality he is a fool, who will eventually get a nice serving of Karma. I’ve never been treated so unprofessionally and I’m completely appalled by this process. SMH

    • Sorry to hear that man. If you paid with Paypal, you might want to file a dispute. I think Paypal puts a time limitation on disputes, which might be why he is making you wait 30-60 days. Refunds should take only a few days to process at max, often they are immediate.

  10. This is unfortunate, and thank you for bringing this to the public’s attention.

    I scanned through the messages, and saw that Travis became very defensive, very quickly, not a good sign of customer service or someone trustworthy to ever do business with.

    How much did you pay him in total for these social media posts?
    How many posts did you purchase?

    Also, this guy “Travis” states that he has 2 Million followers on Facebook??
    But, when I seek out his page, he only has “13,592 Likes” for facebook, and his Instagram has “42,300 followers”, and finally his Twitter has “5,177 Followers”.

    If you add them all up across the platforms, he still only has 61,069 followers total, and many followers are probably duplicate followers across various platforms. So, how does his out-reach hit 2 Million???

    Regarding this dudes image, he is undoubtedly in good shape and seems to project himself in a respectful manner, but this day and age of bad tattoo choices has slapped this guy. Referring to the chest tattoo, it appears to be some type of Asian warrior with two shields in front of him, but from a distance it looks like a figure placing its hands behind his head and letting its two testicles hang out, dangling about.

    I hope you are able to recover some of your money from Travis Tardiff via PayPal, but if you can’t, maybe this guy will read this and seek tattoo laser removal for that hideous “Testicle Tattoo” on his chest.

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