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CTD Labs IsoLicious

CTD Sports IsoLicious


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  • CTD Labs IsoLicious CTD Labs IsoLicious

CTD Sports IsoLicious

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CTD Labs IsoLicious stands out from other protein powders in both flavor and quality.

You might think IsoLicious is a cereal, but it's not. It just tastes like cereal. This unique flavoring will make your other protein powders seem boring!

Combine that flavoring with the top quality whey protein from grass fed cows, and you've got an epic protein powder!

CTD Sports IsoLicious Supplement Facts

CTD Labs IsoLicious Supplement Facts

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  1. FRUITY PEBBLE GOODNESS review by Brett on 9/23/2016

    Although you don't get the crunch of a real bowl of fruity pebbles, you get a smooth, creamy, DELICIOUS taste of what seems to be the milk remaining from the bowl of fruity pebbles. Couldn't ask for better taste!

  2. Iso-Amazing review by Nvisioned on 3/23/2016

    This stuff is amazingly delicious. I didn't have high hopes for it and but tasted the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and was pretty amazed. The Fruity Pebbles were an instant flash back to my childhood. It is very smooth and easy to mix. You can tell that it is a pure isolate and not some cheap concentrate. It is certainly a premium price and not something I use on a daily basis, however it is a nice "treat" protein.

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