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Nova-X Testosterone Booster by Gaspari Nutrition

Gaspari Nova-X (60 Caps)


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  • Nova-X Testosterone Booster by Gaspari Nutrition Nova-X Testosterone Booster by Gaspari Nutrition


Remember the glory days of Novedex XT? It was no doubt the best test booster on the market until it was recalled in 2010. Now Gaspari brings you the new version of their popular test booster, Nova-X.

Nova-X is an advanced natural testosterone and growth hormone boosting supplement. Among it's ingredients are Androsterone and Diosterol. These are two highly potent testosterone boosters which, when combined, may provide a significant boost to your body's natural testosterone production.

For any product to be effective, it's all in the delivery. Nova X has a two stage delivery system that prevents destruction of the key ingredients. The first stage delivery is an enteric coating that bypasses the stomach acids so that the ingredients will get to the blood stream. The second stage delivery is a liposomal delivery that protects the ingredients, the legal hormone androsterone as well as the plant sterol laxogen. Both ingredients have studies that show an anabolic effect in the body as well as 98% pure l-dopa, which studies show increase natural GH levels. The three key ingredients are encased in a liposomal delivery system, which acts like a trojan horse, tricking the liver from destroying these compounds. This allows the ingredients to remain intact and go directly to the lymphatic system. Nova-X also contains an effective anti aromatase, a proprietary plant anabolic and androgenic extract, and methyl d-aspartic acid to increase natural testosterone levels.

Gaspari Nova-X Nutrition Facts

Nova-X Nutrition Facts

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