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Blackstone Labs King Cobra (60 Caps)


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  • King Cobra Bottle Front King Cobra Bottle Front

Blackstone Labs King Cobra (60 Caps)

Quick Overview

Attention: Due to the limited availability of DMAA, the main ingredient in King Cobra, we will not accept returns on this item and all sales are final. To see our full selection of fat burners, click here.

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The KING of Fat Burners

Blackstone Labs King Cobra diet pill has arrived! King Cobra is an intense DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine) based fat burner featuring an intense thermogenic and stimulant matrix. King Cobra also features a never before seen ingredient synergy of DMAA and Eria Jarensis extract, two of the top ingredients used in modern fat burners.

Product Highlights

  • Includes top rated thermogenic and stimulant, DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine) dosed at 45mg
  • Never before seen ingredient synergy of DMAA and Eria Jarensis
  • Curbs appetite and eliminates hunger
  • Intense energy and euphoria the likes of which we've never seen
  • Proven effective weight loss ingredients such as green tea extract
  • Induces thermogenesis and speeds metabolism to help burn fat at a higher rate

Ingredient Breakdown

DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine)

DMAA is the long standing replacement for the popular stimulant Ephedra. DMAA acts in a similar way to the Ephedra of old by improving energy, decreasing appetite, and elevating mood. DMAA was first popularized by it's use in USP Labs Jack3d and Oxyelite Pro, the #1 pre workout and fat burner (respectively) of yesteryear. DMAA's stimulatory effects will take anyone's diet and exercise plan and put it into overdrive.

Blackstone Labs has included DMAA in King Cobra at a dose of 45mg. This is on the higher end of the spectrum for use in a fat burner and is recommended for advanced users only. If you have a low tolerance to stimulants or have never tried DMAA, we recommend trying Hydroxyelite by Hi Tech Pharamceuticals. Normally it would be recommended to try a smaller dose, but due to King Cobra's 1 capsule serving size this is impossible. For users who are stim resistant or familiar with the intense energy of DMAA, this dosage should be perfect!

Eria Jarensis Extract

Eria Jarensis is a PEA-like ingredient that is generally paired with the stimulant DMHA as a one two punch of energy and mood enhancement. This is a common combination in some of the most powerful energy supplements on the market and is loved by it's users. King Cobra brings us the first time that Eria Jarensis has been paired with DMAA! This is an exciting combination that should both improve the user experience with King Cobra and intensify the mood and energy effects of DMAA as a stand-alone ingredient.

Trixanthin Complex

This is a blend of 3 separate Xanthine compounds that both enhance the stimulatory effect of the product and improve it's weight loss benefits. These three componds include Ilex Guayusa, a unique stimulant consumed by Ecuadorian natives, along with Green Tea Extract and Theobroma Cocoa Extract. Green Tea Extract is a powerful weight loss aid used for decades by dieticians and nutritionists to assist in weight loss. Theobroma Cocoa Extract provides three end ingredients including EGCG, Caffeine, and Theobromine for its stimulatory and focus effects.

Triple Heat Thermogenic Intensifier Blend

This is a blend designed to ramp up your metabolism and induce thermogenesis to speed weight loss. Paradoxine, the primary ingredient, is an extract of Grains of Paradise and is one of the most popular non-stimulant weight loss ingredients currently on the market. Paradoxine works by inducing thermogenesis (increasing your body's natural temperature, so it burns extra calories trying to stay at baseline) as well as targeting brown adipose tissue. Capsimax, the second ingredient, is an extract of cayanne pepper which also raises your body's internal temperature. These two ingredients form a thermogenic tagteam of sorts to keep your body working and burning calories even when you are not.

Erythropalum Scandens

Here we find another PEA-like ingredient (very similar to Eria Jarensis Extract above) which again assists with energy and mood enhancement. This double PEA combo makes King Cobra one of the best mood enhancing supplements out there. So if you suffer from the diet blues or lack of motivation while in a calorie defecit, this is the fat burner for you!

Citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium (AKA Synephrine) is a long standing weight loss ingredient and stimulant also known as Bitter Orange extract. Synephrine is another ingredient that has become almost compulsory for high stim supplements due to it's effects on energy and weight loss.

Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe is another long standing weight loss ingredient that is often used solo for individuals on diets. What makes the Yohimbe Extract in King Cobra more impressive than it's peers is that it is actually a blend of 3 types of Yohimbe extracts including Yohimbine, Alpha Yohimbine, and 11-hydroxy yohimbine. All three of these provide a marked improvement on energy, weight loss, and libido and each has their own unique benefit.


What is the difference between King Cobra and Cobra 6P by Blackstone Labs?

The main difference between these two diet pills is the primary stimulant. King Cobra utilized DMAA as it's primary stimulant, while Cobra 6P utilizes Ephedra Extract. While Ephedra used to be king of stimulants, the extracts of today's age provide little to no benefit when used in supplements. Due to the Ephedra ban, the modern extract is sourced from the leaves instead of the stem, rendering it next to useless as a stimulant. This makes DMAA the prime choice.

Is DMAA Safe?

While there have been questions as to the safety of DMAA in the past, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals claims to have sold over 1 billion doses of the ingredient without users having any major medical issues. According to Hi Tech there are more adverse events on average reported with Aspirin than DMAA.

How should I take King Cobra

Due to it's one cap dosage, King Cobra is meant to be taken by only advanced users or those who have prior experince taking DMAA or other high stimulant products. Take 1 cap in the morning with food. If required you can add another capsule in the early afternoon. Do not exceed two caps in 24 hours.

Blackstone Labs King Cobra Supplement Facts

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Additional Information

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  1. This is it! review by Nader on 10/19/2017

    I've used many stimulants, many pre workouts, and since Craze left the planet, I've always been searching for some of that long lasting "feel good" energy.

    Surprisingly, King Cobra has just that. It's impossible to be in a bad mood with this stuff. From just one pill I feel waves of energy come on along with a strong uplift effect on the mood.

    There's really no crash and I never find the need to take another pill in the afternoon. I've taken half a scoop of re1gn with this stuff and it was very strong, but never got jitters or anxiety really.

    It's sad to think this stuff might be discontinued so I stocked up :D

    I've got this high up on our top 10 fat burner, I'm thinking of bumping it way up closer to 1st place!

  2. Euphoria review by Ironman on 8/24/2017

    When they say this is a mood enhancer...holy cow you have no idea. I'm not sure if this is a weight loss product or a party drug.

  3. A little too much review by Francisco on 8/20/2017

    This was a bit much for me. With the 1 cap size it's hard to take less, so I ended up opening the pills and just using half of one twice a day. At that dose it's perfect and it helps with money as well since I'm essentially doubling the doses.

  4. Great For Energy! review by Kathy on 8/20/2017

    I've been taking this for a week now and holy smokes do I get energy from this. I've stopped taking pre workout and just take King Kobra before my workouts now. Note: If you take this you will not want to eat at all!!!

  5. Great For Energy Focus and Weight Loss review by Jackson on 8/19/2017

    Just like the description says, this thing gives you some insane energy. I've tried Hydroxyelite and Synadrene from Hi Tech, but this is in a whole other class. I just finished my first bottle and I've got another on the way. Down about 10 lbs. If I take this I don't feel like eating at all.

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