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Power Carb by Labrada

Labrada Power Carb


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  • Power Carb by Labrada Power Carb by Labrada


What is Power Carb? Power Carb is Labrada Nutrition's Designer Carb, a functionally carbohydrate "superfood" engineered to rapidly replenish muscle glycogen, increase nutrient uptake, and enhance muscular function. Power Carb is a nutritional breakthrough that will forever change the way you fuel your muscles. You'll never suffer through a bad workout or flat athletic performance again!

What Can Power Var Do For Me? Power Carb can massively increase glycogen stores inside your muscle up to 1200% faster than pasta, rice, or bread. It literally forces glycogen storage, resulting in a huge increase in energy and the ability to exercise harder and longer. And because every gram of glycogen pushed into muscle pulls in 4 grams of water, you can expect your muscles to full hydrate, with your skin pulled tightly around them, resulting in a more muscular appearance, starting with the first dose! How Does Power Carb Work? Power Carb is homopolysaccharide (homogenous, relatively-complex carbohydrate) made up of thousands of monosaccharides (sugar molecules) joined together by glycosidic bonds to form branched macromolecules (large molecules.) The molecular mass (molecule size and weight) of Power Carb has been engineered to enhance gastric transit through the stomach at a rate much greater than common carbohydrates such as waxy maize, maltodextrins, breads, pasta, or rice. Power Carb is produced from natural complex carbohydrate sources using newly developed, patent pending "Enzymatic Milling Process" Power Carb is Sugar-Free and completely instant, and easily digestible! It is absorbed very quickly without stomach bloating or discomfort. How Should I Use Power Carb? Use Power Carb before, during and right after training to boost energy, prevent the onset of fatigue, and then jumpstart the glycogen recharging process to shorten your post workout recovery time. Power Carb works equally well, whether you are a strength or endurance athlete! Power Carb is excellent for athletes who have multiple training sessions per day-use it to rapidly increase muscle glycogen, decrease recovery time and increase energy for your workout for an extra 1-2 hours. Mix Power Carb with a high quality protein powder such as Lean Pro or Lean Body to increase protein uptake after your workout. Howe Does Power Carb Increase My Supplement Uptake? Power Carb increases the effectiveness of any other supplement you take with it. Because Power Carb passes through the stomach very quickly, it acts like a pump, pulling water and nutrients along with it, which are then shuttled into muscle cells. Nutrient uptake is increased, so you get more of out of your supplements. Take Power Carb alone with your creatine, BCAA's beta-alanine or other supplements to "express shuttle" them into your muscles. Is Power Carb Right for Me? Power Carb is a powerful performance tool for all athletes including fitness enthusiasts, runners, bicyclists, ball player, tri-athletes and body builders. Current Good Manufacturing Practices: Power Carb is made in a steroid and prohormone free, FDA-inspected pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility. This product is pure and unadulterated, and will not cause a positive test result for banned substances, making it perfect for high school, college, Olympic and professional athletes who want to natural boost their athletic performance.

Labrada Power Carb Directions

Training Days-Pre Workout: Mix 1 to 2 scoops of Power Carb in 20 oz of water, and consume 45-60 minutes prior to physical activity. Combine with your pre and during workout supplements to massively increase the absorption rate. For an extraordinary training experience, stack Power Carb with Labrada's Super Charge! Xtreme Pre-Workout Drink. You may sip Power Carb during your workout to sustain intensity and muscle energy. Post-Workout-Mix 1 to 2 scoops of Power Carb in 20 oz of water, and consume immediately after your workout. You may add amino acids, BCAA's, creatine, or protein powder to rapidly increase their uptake and jump start glycogen replenishment and muscle tissue repair and recovery. Non-Training Days-Mix 1 serving of Power Carb with your favorite protein powder such as Lean Pro8 or ProV60 to make a great meal replacement shake! Power Carb will help you with recovery on your days off by optimizing nutrient uptake to ensure muscle recovery and growth.

Labrada Power Carb Nutrition Facts

Labrada Power Carb Nutrition Facts

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  1. Good endurance review by Kennedy on 5/9/2012

    I didn't really feel this supplement going to work, but I researched its ingredient matrix and it looked okay so what do I know? I'm happy with my results and I am able to push myself a lot harder at the gym. 4/5 overall

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