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Pyroxamine Fat Burner Myokem

Myokem Pyroxamine (60 Caps)


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  • Pyroxamine Fat Burner Myokem Pyroxamine Fat Burner Myokem
  • Pyroxamine Fat Burner by Myokem Pyroxamine Fat Burner by Myokem

Myokem Pyroxamine (60 Caps)


Myokem Pyroxamine

Most thermogenic fat burning products are usually loaded with stimulants. You won't find a load of caffeine and other stimulants in Pyroxamine by Myokem. Myokem uses proven ingredients to give you the most benefit and true fat loss. All of the ingredients are properly formulated and dosed to help you achieve your fat shredding goals! Defy limitations!

  • Feel alert and focused without jitters (only 100mg Caffeine)
  • Stronger muscle contractions with Citicholine
  • Methyltyramine HCL promotes vascularity
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria promotes fat loss
  • Carralluma Fimbrita suppresses appetite and crushes food cravings
  • Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract give the “thermogenic effect” increasing body temperature

Other Benefits from Pyroxamine
  • Enhanced neurotransmission
  • Increased availability of nutrients
  • Boost Metabolism

Myokem Pyroxamine Nutrition Facts

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  1. Clean Energy - No gitters review by Latoya on 3/17/2016

    I've taken my fair share of thermogenics and this has been the BEST I've taken. With my schedule (full-time law school, fitness training, part-time work, and an internship...yea, I know, crazy town), it gives me some much needed focus. I can conquer my workout, homework, memos for work and run errands with a sense of energy and purpose. It's like being an old-school energizer bunny...but without the jitters! Could not recommend enough!

  2. Didn't feel anything review by Kurt on 3/9/2016

    Over halfway through my bottle and I'm not sure what should be so impressive. Honestly didn't feel any changes. I would not buy again.

  3. Solid thermogenic without the jitters review by jdb288 on 1/25/2016

    I have taken plenty of thermogenics and this is definitely my favorite. For reference, I am pretty sensitive to stimulants and have always been wary of trying new products, but this one sets the bar for thermogenics. 1 pill in the morning (empty stomach) and 1 pill around lunch time. My favorite part is the clean, non-jittery energy I feel from this product throughout the day.

    -Clean energy
    -No shaking or jitters
    -No surge or spike of energy - it releases slowly and gives a steady, energized feeling throughout the day

    -Can be expensive compared to other thermogenics on the market
    -Extremities get a bit chilly (common side effect)

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