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OxyElite Pro

USP Labs OxyElite Pro Original Formula (90 Caps)


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  • OxyElite Pro OxyElite Pro

USP Labs OxyElite Pro Original Formula (90 Caps)

Quick Overview

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Original Oxyelite is now out of stock! For another great fat burner with the DMAA, try Hydroxyelite

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Ok, let's cut through all the hype about OxyElite Pro, and give you the facts.

FACT: You want to lose as much fat as possible, as quickly as possible, while maintaining as much lean muscle as possible.

FACT: USP Labs OxyElite Pro is an affordable, safe supplement, that can help maximize quick weight loss while retaining as much muscle as possible.

Now I'm going to tell you how and why it works so well. And if you're still not believing me after all this, just scroll to the bottom of the page to read real customers' OxyElite Pro reviews.

So many of the fat burners today are just a bunch of stimulants thrown together in a pill. Yes, this will give you energy and help you lose weight, but you are probably going to be bouncing off the walls for a couple hours, and then crash hard afterwards. And you can build up a tolerance pretty quickly too, making them less effective.

Luckily, USP Labs took a totally different approach when creating OxyElite Pro. They used a bunch of natural ingredients to come up with an amazing formula like nothing else out there. Instead of just ingredients that will make you jittery, they use ingredients that work "behind the scenes", targeting fat receptors to help you lose fat in the most unwanted areas.

Caffeine. Ok so I just told you how Oxyelite is different from the other fat burners, right? But it has caffeine like all the others, so... ? Yes it has caffeine, but less than most other fat burners. Caffeine is an amazing stimulant, but too much can be a bad thing. So USP Labs put 100mg in the formula, which will give you incredible energy and mood enhancement, while also increasing the effectiveness of the other ingredients! It's a win-win situation.

Another popular ingredient in other fat burners is 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, aka DMAA, aka Geranium Stem. This has been used as a food additive for ages, but just recently was introduced to the supplement market. It's similar to caffeine, as it's going to put you in an awesome mood, give you plenty of focus, and increase your energy levels a lot.

Now we get into the ingredients that make OxyElite Pro so unique. You've heard of Yohimbine, right? It's in almost every weight loss supplement, because it works with one of your fat receptors to speed up fat loss. However, it works with another fat receptor that slows down fat loss! So the end result is a waste of money on a useless ingredient. But USP Labs found an ingredient, Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine), that works with the same fat receptor to increase fat loss, but doesn't have as much effect on the fat receptor that slows down fat loss. Problem solved!

You might have heard of T3 and T4 before, they are thyroid hormones responsible for weight loss. They increase your metabolism, break down cholesterol, put you in a good in mood, and do a handful of other good things for you. Bauhinia purpurea L increases T4 to T3 conversion, and that's what you want because T3 is even better than T4. In one study, animal models' T3 increased by 83%.

Bacopa monnieri is another ingredient in OxyElite Pro that has been shown to increase T4.

Visceral Fat and Subcutaneous FatYou probably have also heard of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is the fat around around your organs, and subcutaneous fat is the fat between your muscles and skin. So it's pretty obvious that you want to target the subcutaneous fat, but most fat burners actually target visceral fat because it's easier to lose visceral fat! OxyElite is different because it specifically targets subcutaneous fat, which is going to give you the definition in your abs (and other muscles) that you've dreamed about. The ingredient you have to thank for this is Cirsium Oligophyllum, which works about 10 times better with caffeine, which is why USP Labs included caffeine in OxyElite Pro!

Another little added benefit of OxyElite is the fact that it can help increase BAT. BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue) aka Brown Fat, is a type of fat that is very metabolically active. This means it's going to increase thermogenesis, which is going to burn your fat away.

You will also notice a very suppressed appetite while taking OEP. Make sure you are eating about 1g of protein per 1lb of bodyweight, because it's going to be very easy to forget to eat while you're taking it!

All of these different angles that attack fat, make OxyElite Pro extremely effective AND safe... not to mention affordable! I mean, who wouldn't pay 30 bucks to lose 10 pounds or more in a month??

OxyElite Pro Nutrition Facts

Oxyelite Pro Nutrition Facts

OxyElite Pro Dosage

Take 1-2 caps right when you wake up, and 1 cap 6-8 hours later if you want. It's also a good idea to start with just 1 cap in the morning so you can assess your tolerance before stepping up to 2 caps in the morning. You have to remember that this is a very powerful supplement!

OxyElite Pro Side Effects

When taken at the correct dosage, this supplement is extremely safe. Very very few people report side effects, and most people that do report them are taking OxyElite incorrectly. Be prepared to have an increased temperature and maybe even sweat when you're not working out. It is a thermogenic, which means it's going to increase your body temperature to burn the fat away.

Additional Information

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  1. To tell you truth if they would bring this back i would by it all over again but i would not pay no $200 bucks review by Honey on 3/9/2015

    This was the best product i every had in my life and i wish it would really come bad. People was really misusing this product because it didn't take much all you had to was read the label and follow it then you would be alright.

  2. Awesome Fat Burner review by TheBestMeEver on 2/18/2015

    I used Oxy off and on and achieved wonderful results. I decided to fully commit to taking it and working out really hard every day and lost 11 lbs in one week. This stuff works.

    Of course a product that works is always taken off the market and many people say it is "bad" because there are people out there that misuse the product.
    Definitely a thumbs up.

  3. Great review by Rich on 2/5/2015

    Is it still on the market?

  4. excellant product too pricey. review by Bobear78 on 1/27/2015

    Took this 2 years ago and went from 252lbs down to 218 in three months. Product is all that it claims to be. Lowered cholesterol, suppressed appetite, gave me focus and energy. Sorry suppz...won't pay 159 dollars for it. I have found something similar at decent price. Will try it and let readers know.

  5. great review by none on 10/18/2014


  6. THE BEST review by Marcia on 10/20/2013

    This is THE BEST or better saying WAS the best thing I had for weight loss without doctor's prescription in years. I DID lose more than 30 pounds. I was 163 now I am 128 pounds and I have NOT gain anything back.

    Unfortunately as everything that does work, it was taken out of the market. No wonder why USA is the country of obesided people. The other ones ARE A JOKE. I do hope that one day Oxy elite original formula comes back.

  7. Great Product works quick review by Chris on 9/24/2013

    I took this after a buddy of mine recommended it while we were deployed to Iraq. I attempted at least an hour of cardio a day for 3-4 days a week. That little bit of cardio, some more light weights, and my daily combat patrols combined with oxy elite pro caused me to drop over 30 lbs in the first month. I definitely started eating much healthier and increased my water intake greatly but the pills definitely did a big part in my fat burning. I am about to start taking this again so I can drop the lbs I need to get back in the Army.

  8. Great site and great products review by Elisha on 7/19/2013

    This is a wonderful site as well as the products. The shipping was fast and customer service even better. I was kept informed of when my order left the facility as well as when it would arrive. The packaging was as expected, great packaging. I ordered OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic and I already know this stuff works. I guess this review is more for the company than the product. But over all experience was very pleasant. I WILL be ordering from again.

  9. Effective! Strong! Lasted long! review by Cosmic Moor on 7/4/2012

    When i was focusing on cuts and burning fat alot of it 2 years ago this product merely augmented the process much faster. I found it reduced appetite and push the energy factor way up with the stimulants in there. This was not the primary reason why I lost the fat lost the weight of which mostly muscular It was the regimen that I adhered to day in and day out! I ate regular wid cutting back on carbs cutting portions but getting protein I was focused more on food not protein powders. I dont like the purple capsules it comes those are liver damaging and toxic. Containing food coloring and titanium (heavy Metal) its just not clean enuff any more for me. I open the capsule and drank the contents in tea water. Primary supps on fat burning program is Omega 3, Protein(lean), Butter, Nut Butter, L-Carnitine and Green Freakin Tea and coffee. Dont take this if u are sensitive to this type of Supp cuz its a powerful stimulant.

  10. Great Product! review by Litlbitofangel on 6/19/2012

    I have four children, one via c-section and have lost 15 lbs in the first six weeks. This is a great product to use for rapid weight loss. Makes your energy level skyrocket and puts you in a great mood! Highly recommended!!!

  11. The Best FatBurner review by Mocellim on 4/25/2012

    Oxyelite is the best fatburner on market actually. It is very effective in burning fat. Wich a good diet, even without many cardio trainings, i got great results. A good advantage is that Oxyelite dont gives you bad sides like headaches and jitters like another products. It have a small amount of caffeine, wich is good for you who want some focus without the sides of caffeine.

  12. Potent fatburner and appetite suppressor review by Leonardo Bandeira on 4/25/2012

    Oxyelite Pro is a very good fatburner, you fell on fire during the training, and you sweat a lot.

    I'd consider taking it, stacked with a pre-workout (to have a stim componen) and/or before meals (you just can't feel hungry while on it, it's like your throat is inflamated and you don't feel like eating, but without the inflamation).

    Be on a good diet (high protein, good sources of fat and good carbs with fiber) ,sleep well, lift weight and consider some bycicle or running on treadmill , to accelerate the fatburning

    That was MY review.

  13. Excellent Product! Get Results review by Robert Ayala on 4/24/2012

    Wife and I have been users of this product for over a year now. The product allows you to curb your appetite and feel more energized! Oxy also clears your mind and makes you feel and obtain a more positive mental state. I highly recommend this product and it has done wonders for us. We are beleivers!

  14. USP LABS RULES! review by Eduardo Chapola on 4/24/2012

    My brother, whose weight is 99kg, lost 7kg after 3 weeks, with a lot of exercise, dieting, discipline and, of couse, Oxyelite pro. Can't find a better thermogenic than this one, it freaking rules! NO hypes at all!

  15. Loving my new body review by Sonja on 4/23/2012

    A great product for cutting if you combine it with a good diet and cardio routine. Obviously you’d think that the diet and cardio alone would do the trick, but the pill definitely played its part in my cutting. It works fairly quickly if you’re consistent with it, so this product gets a thumbs up from me!

  16. Melhor queimador de gordura review by MD Marcao on 4/19/2012

    O oxelite realmente funciona para fazer com que o corpo fique definido, queima de gordura localizada e energia durante os treinos, recomendo o uso conforme prescrição do frasco.

    (hey guys, just leaving this out in Portuguese to help with Brazilian customers)

  17. The Power you need to aim a ripped body! review by MD Marcão on 4/19/2012

    An excellent fat burner, helping you on workout and performance better than any other!

  18. A goot fat burner and appetite suppressor review by Leonardo Bandeira on 3/28/2012

    Oxyelite Pro is a very good fatburner, you fell on fire during the training, and you sweat a lot.

    I'd consider taking it, stacked with a pre-workout (to have a stim componen) and/or before meals (you just can't feel hungry while on it, it's like your throat is inflamated and you don't feel like eating, but without the inflamation).

    Be on a good diet (high protein, good sources of fat and good carbs with fiber) ,sleep well, lift weight and consider some bycicle or running on treadmill , to accelerate the fatburning.

  19. good!!! review by Jerry on 2/23/2012

    This stuff is great! lost 8 pounds effortlessly on this stuff

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