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Intra Elite Bottle Front

Prime Nutrition Intra Elite


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  • Intra Elite Bottle Front Intra Elite Bottle Front

Prime Nutrition Intra Elite

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Amino acids are essential in building and supporting new muscle growth. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and contribute to many functions in the body. Certain amino acids play bigger roles in building and repairing muscle. Inta-MD is a muscle building intra-workout powerhouse! Loaded with key ingredients to stimulate new muscle growth and give you energy to push through those tough workouts!

  • Amino acid blend: provides key aminos to stimulate protein synthesis/new muscle growth, provide quick energy for workouts, and assist with recovery.
  • Citrulline Malate: increases blood flow and gives you a fuller “Pump” effect during workouts along with increasing energy and increased performance.
  • Cluster Dextrin: Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin is different from common carbohydrates put in intra-workout products. Cluster Dextrin is quickly absorbed but has longer sustained release unlike other carb sources like dextrose. This provides quick and sustained energy source to power through those long workouts!
  • Electrolytes: replenish lost electrolytes during the workout to assist in recovery and increase training performance. This will prevent that “crash” effect towards the end of tough workouts!

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  1. Excellent review by Robert on 5/1/2016

    An excellent product from Prime Nutrition with HBCD, BCAAs, EAAs, and citrulline and always good service from Suppz with prompt free shipping.

  2. Excellent Product! review by Jon on 11/19/2015

    I've taken two jugs of Intra MD. The taste of the orange is great, just make sure to mix it with at least a liter of water or it's too strong. Didn't care for grape so much. Contains branched cyclic dextrin, so I know I'm getting a quality carb source. Just make sure to add a scoop of aminos, because the 5g in this product doesn't do it for me. I've noticed I'm less sore when taking this, and I have more strength and energy at the end of my workouts when I would normally be gassed. Top benefit - keeps you from going catabolic and feeds your muscles when working out. That means I don't have to hurry home after my workout to eat. I can wait for me pre workout to wear off and my appetite to work up before eating.

  3. Great product for recovery and long training sessions review by ThomasG on 6/23/2015

    I have never used an intra workout besides BCAA's before I used Intra MD. I had heard good things about periworkout nutrition and I was considering this product, Biotest's Plazma and Gaspari Nutrition's Glycofuse. Gaspari Nutrition went into bankruptcy and Biotest products are so freaking expensive so I went with John Meadow's Intra MD. It definitely helped me recover day to day (I train 6 days a week) and for my longer workouts I would sip it and make it last for the whole workout ( and a few times I mixed 1.5 scoops), resulting in the best pumps I've ever had and the feeling that I could keep going and going. Some of those workouts lasted over two and a half hours! Excessive? Maybe. Ultimately, this product is worth trying although it's a little expensive. It mixes well and tastes great!

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