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NTel Nutra

NTel Nutra AFTERWRATH PCT (120 Caps)

Recover with NTel Afterwrath! Afterwrath is your multi-purpose PCT that is designed to boost your natural testosterone levels, eliminate estrogen, increase muscle mass, improved sex drive, and protect your liver.

Coming off of a cycle of anything with a suppressive nature, you're at risk of a major estrogen rebound. Not only that, but just maintaining that new muscle mass is very difficult to do with recovering testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can also negatively affect energy levels, sex drive, and thyroid output. Not only that but the liver is often times also recovering after all the added stress from being on cycle. Afterwrath is designed to fix all of these issues. Block the post cycle estrogen rebound and increase those testosterone levels to keep the muscle and strength you worked so hard to build.

Product Highlights

  • Eliminate elevated estrogen
  • Maximize natural testosterone
  • Combat side effects
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Replenish sex drive

NTel Afterwrath has one of the most complete profiles to make it one of the best PCT supplments on the market!

NTel Pharma AFTERWRATH PCT Supplement Facts

afterwrath pct supfacts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Decent Product

All-in-all, this seems like a good PCT prod.
On the negative side, I'm not saying it's great, bcuz IDK quality of ingredients, the lrg dose (I believe they suggest taking 6 pills/day), and bcuz of fillers (esp artificial ones). Speaking of artificial stuff, if u're like me & don't like putting those artificially colored capsules - or anything artificial - into ur bod, be prepared for a kinda nasty tasting and smelling powder.
On the positive side, it did slightly increase my testosterone, which is prob the main reason I also noticed:
• increase in degree & duration of positive mood/greater sense of well-being
• increase in energy
I also didnt have any GI probs/discomfort.


I have been using afterwarath pct off and on, and I do appreciate what it does in trying to recover from a hard cycle. Do recommend!

Great Post Cycle

Haven't experienced any side effects after running a cycle of Anavar. I would highly recommend this PCT to anyone.