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Allmax R-ALA Antioxidant (60 caps)

Allmax R-ALA Antioxidant (60 caps)

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R-ALA Powerful Antioxidant and Nutrient Delivery System

  • INCREASES Nutrient Delivery
  • DEACTIVATES Cell Damaging Free Radicals
  • OPTIMIZES Insulin Activity

    ALLMAX R-ALA promotes the muscle’s uptake of glycogen by optimizing insulin activity and helps speed up the amount of nutrients shuttled to your muscles pre- and post-workout. R-ALA can help speed up muscle recovery and can be combined with creatine to create a powerful and anabolic compound.

    ALA is also an extremely potent antioxidant, so powerful it is known as the Universal Antioxidant. Anyone who trains regularly knows exercise can place a lot of wear and tear on your body. By supplementing with ALLMAX R-ALA, you can protect your body from the oxidative damage associated with intense training.

    ALLMAX R-ALA ANTIOXIDANT is available in 60 capsules.

    Allmax R-ALA Antioxidant 60 caps Nutrition Facts

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