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Product Highlights

  • 3g Carnitine for Increased Fatty Acid Mobilization & Utilization

  • 300mg Total Caffeine + 100mg Theobromine for Energy & Focus Enhancement

  • 50 CapsiMax + 20mg GBB + 15mg Paradoxine for Enhanced Thermogenic Effect

When it’s time to get the fat off, it’s time to become a Cheetah! Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn is a potent, powerful thermogenic powder that is designed to optimize your fat loss potential and get you lean quicker than ever before. Utilizing carnitine for enhanced fatty acid transport for energy metabolism, a blend of caffeine for enhanced energy and focus and a thermogenic complex consisting of the potent CapsiMax, Pro GBB and Paradoxine, you’ll be burning calories at a higher rate and feeling energized while doing it. Take some of the grind out of your fat loss phase and get the results you desire with Cheetah.

Key Benefits

  • Increase Rate of Lipolysis

  • Elevated Calorie Burning Potential

  • Enhanced Energy & Focus

Customer Reviews

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Bruno (Tijuana, MX)

Rambo razz taste really good, little spicy but thats normal because of some of the ingredients. good clean energy and definetly makes you sweat.

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