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Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn (120 Caps)

Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn (120 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Green Coffee Bean + InnoSlim for Appetite & Craving Control
  • 25 CapsiMax + 10mg GBB + 20mg Paradoxine for Enhanced Thermogenic Effect
  • Dandlion Root + Juniper Berry + BladderWack for Shedding Excess Water
When it’s time to get the fat off, it’s time to become a Cheetah! Alpha Lion Cheetah
Burn Stim Free is a versatile and potent stimulant free formula that delivers potent,
proven fat loss ingredients without adding in stimulants. The result is a highly
versatile fat loss catalyst that can be added to virtually any other product of your
choice to enhance you fat loss results without having too many stimulants. Cheetah
Burn Non-Stim addresses enhanced calorie burning, appetite suppression, cortisol
regulation and fatty acid oxidation like a pro to help you achieve the lean look you

Key Benefits

  • Increase Rate of Lipolysis
  • Elevated Calorie Burning Potential
  • Versatile Stim-Free Formula
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