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Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn PM (120 Caps)

Alpha Lion Cheetah Burn PM (120 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Green Coffee Extract + InnoSlim for Powerful Appetite Control
  • Caffeine+Theobromine+L-Theanine for High Powered, Smooth Energy
  • CapsiMax+Paradoxine+Pro GBB for Intense Calorie Burning Amplification
A lot of so called thermogenic products out there rely strictly on stimulants to give
the user a feeling that the product is working. While that is great, it doesn’t address
the need of ACTUAL FAT BURNING. Alpha Lion Cheetah Thermo is a high potency
thermogenic that is designed to more than just provide stimulants. Cheetah Thermo
provides REAL fat burning effects from a powerful combination of research backed
ingredients including CapsiMax, Paradoxine and ProGBB and tops it off with
dandelion root to help flush out that excess water you’re holding for faster results.
Paired with a modest amount of caffeine for energy and focus, Alpha Lion Cheetah
Thermo is a premium way of stepping up your fat loss game.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Energy & Focus
  • Aids In Appetite Control
  • Elevated Calorie Burning Potential
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