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Alpha Lion Superhuman Sport

Alpha Lion Superhuman Sport

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Product Highlights:

  • 2.5g Betaine + 2.5 D-Ribose + 150mg elevATP for Optimal Performance & Power
  • 1g Peak02 + 300mg RhodioPrime for Increased Capacity & Vitality via Adaptogens
  • 400mg VitaCherry Sport for Reducing Muscle Soreness & Increasing Recovery
Superhuman Sport is a performance pre-workout designed for use by
anyone looking to enhance their athletic training performance. Featuring
research backed ingredients, chosen with the performance athlete in
mind, Superhuman Sport will fuel the most intense training sessions in the
gym, on the field or on the course. Ultra-versatile in application,
Superhuman Sport will amplify training capacity and power and
endurance, aid in recovery and promote optimal performance.
Most pre-workout formulas on the market only address things like high-
intensity energy and focus, improving muscle pumps and blood flow or
focusing on maximal strength output. Very few, if any, are designed to be
used for enhancing athletic performance; Amplifying strength and power,
increasing V02 Max and endurance, improving recovery and reducing
soreness and supporting a feeling of clean, sustained energy. It’s time to
switch into performance mode with Alpha Lion Superhuman Sport!

Key Benefits:

  • Supports Endurance & Power Output
  • Aids in Vitality via Powerful Adaptogens
  • Enhanced Recovery & Reduced Muscle Sorness

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