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ALRI HumaPro Powder

ALRI continues to push the product creation envelope and has formulated a powerful anabolic protein powder with ALRI HumaPro powder.

Did you know that some protein powders simply were not made for human consumption? The inherent flaw with the majority of protein powders available on the market is they are not made for humans and will not be properly absorbed in your blood stream for optimal muscle building and repair.

ALRI HumaPRO is all about amazing muscle building results over hype and pure bro science.

HumaPRO is a one of a kind protein powder that has been under construction since 1998. It starts with a specific protein blend of 8 essential amino acids taking into account the exact human conversions and utilizations for optimal recovery.

If you are serious about building muscle mass, you need exact ratios of EAA’s (essential amino acids). The human body makes thousands of amino acids from the 8 EAA’s so they must be in the proper ratios or they simply will not result in protein synthesis.

If they are no the proper ratios your body will convert this excess protein into glucose and you will spend the rest of the time in the bathroom “depositing” the rest – sound familiar?

Stick with a protein that is designed for human absorption and superior results.

How to Take ALRI HumaPro Powder

ALRI HumaPRO is best taken following an intense resistance training workout or whenever you need extra protein in your diet.

For Optimal Results combine 1-2 scoops of HumaPro with water or your favorite beverage.

You can consume up to 4 scoops per day for high protein bodybuilding needs.

ALRI HumaPro Powder Supplement Facts

ALRI HumaPro Powder supplement facts

Customer Reviews

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Great taste fast absorbing


Pretty good for cutting but expensive

Worth it

I was a litlte surprised to learn that a lot of protein powders aren't really designed for human ingestion. But after taking HumaPro you can definitely feel the difference. Perfect formula, very fast absorbing and it gives you a LOT more protein than your typical powder.