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Prohormone + Test Booster

Metanabol is a product containing a unique combination of prohormone compounds and ingredients to boost natural testosterone production. It is commonly known that prohormones supress your natural testosterone production due to the conversion of DHEA metabolites into active hormones through a two step conversion process. For some men this kills their sex drive and can cause issues during and after the prohormone cycle. ALRI has created Metanabol to keep natural testosterone production high even while on cycle. The inclusion of Fenugreek, Furastanol, NMDA, along with other compounds is a powerful natural testosterone boosting matrix that is sure to keep sex drive high and limit side effects that could occur due to hormone suppression.

Powerful Muscle Builder

The prohormone blend in Metanabol contains both 1-Andro and 4-Andro compounds. These are DHEA metabolites (1-DHEA and 4-DHEA) that convert to active hormones through a two step conversion process once they are absorbed by the body. 1-Andro converts to 1-Testosterone and 4-Andro converts to Testosterone. Once these compounds are absorbed by the body, results can be noticed almost immediately with most users seeing changes in size and strength within the first week of use. Users who take this product can expect to see dramatic changes in size and strength throught the addition of lean muscle to their frame in as little as one month! CAUTION: This is a prohormone and as such a proper PCT (post cycle therapy) must be run at the conclusion of the cycle.

NEW Cyclosome Delivery

DHEA metabolites have been around for a long time with little positive results reported from their use. So what makes this product different? The innovative cyclosome delivery process acts as a trojan horse carrying these compounds through your liver and digestive tract without being broken down. Due to this innovative delivery process, the absorption rate of these compounds has changed from a low 3-4% utilization to an impressive 90% utilization rate! This allows these compounds that were formerly useless to now cause your body to become extremely anabolic. Try Metanabol and see for yourself.


Take 1 tablet twice per day with meals. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily. Continue use for 1 month. Run a proper PCT afterwards to raise hormone levels back to baseline.

ALRI Metanabol Supplement Facts

ALRI Metanabol

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