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Apollon Nutrition Cluster Bomb

Apollon Nutrition Cluster Bomb

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Apollon Nutrition ClusterBomb was the third product released by Apollon Nutrition, which is 25 gram of pure Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (as Cluster Dextrin) plus electrolytes. There is nothing else added and comes in 60 unflavored servings container. 
Reason for not using flavors as it can be added to any product with preserving that product’s original flavor. 
Cyclic Dextrin is extremely popular with athletes due to number of highly beneficial factors:
1. It’ll increase your energy during workout
2. It does not cause any bloat or discomfort 
3. The main reason for not causing bloat is because of Cyclic Dextrin’s low osmotic pressure, which means it passes fast through the stomach. (Also minimizing or even elimating the chance of it being stored as body fat).
4. Cyclic Dextrin is very versatile, as it can used in variety of ways, such as adding it to your preworkout, which is guaranteed to enhance the effects of your preworkout or intraworkout which will definitely help with recovery between sets and last but not least you can added ClusterBomb to your post workout shake to enhance both recovery and replenishing your glycogen levels.

Apollon Nutrition is known as a premium hardcore brand, created in 2015 at the famous Apollon Gym in Edison, NJ.
The brand started with only 2 products, protein and hard hitting preworkout, that developed a cult following - Hooligan.
Fast forward to 2020 and Apollon Nutrition has a solid presence and loyal following on the East Coast, as well as now spreading into other parts of the United States, as well as becoming very popular in Europe (UK and Russia in particular). 
It is also very popular and constantly gets top ratings with some of the top Review channels online. 
Apollon Nutrition is not the type of brand that you will see in every supplements store. The team behind the brand is very particular as which retailers to partner with.
It’s important to point out that all Apollon Nutrition products are fully transparent and fully dosed. You’ll never see proprietary blend from Apollon Nutrition, as the products are intended for use by athletes and those that demand only the best, accurately dosed products to deliver best results. 
Needless to say is one of the best and most reputable retailers in the supplements industry and it’s owner Brent Sheckler’s success is highly admirable and well 100% well deserved, as he strives to bring the best quality brands to his loyal customers. Brent and his team know supplements and that’s translates to their popularity and great reputation. 
Apollon Nutrition is absolutely proud of this partnership and honored to be in business with Team Suppz!

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