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APS Testogen is all about saponins. For anyone who has heard of these amazing phytochemicals, saponins are "steroidal" in nature, and can have a significant impact on free testosterone levels. Testogen is derived from fenugreek seeds, an ingredient long used in effective testosterone boosting supplements. Many users of Testogen have reported a significant rise in free testosterone, which leads to increased strength, size, and libido. Testogen may also slow estrogen conversion, leading to a significant increase in free testosterone levels in the bloodstream.

"I've taken fenugreek based supplements before, and did not notice results. Why would Testogen be any different?"

Testogen is different from most other fenugreek based test boosters because of the type of saponins used in the formula. Protodioscin and Furastanol Saponins are the active ingredients in Tribulus, and are mainly responsible for it's testosterone boosting properties.

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APS Testogen Nutrition Facts

APS Testogen Nutrition Facts

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