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Increases sexual attraction.

Axcite not only arouses women's emotional and sexual brain centers, but Axcite also has an influential effect on boosting a man's sense of self-confidence. You will experience an-uplift in your sense of inner strength and will feel more competent in your abilities. Women will take notice of the confidence you're projecting, thus simultaneously contributing to and increasing her sexual interest in you.

Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by the body

They are used to subconsciously communicate with others close to you. In the past other pheromone manufacturers threw a few pheromones into a cologne and claimed “sex, sex, sex with any girl.” They couldn’t have been more wrong!

The human body is a complex, precision-tuned, ratio sensitive system. You need a precisely balanced blend of the right pheromones, amplified at the right time, and addressing the right factors, to truly achieve sexual arousal in women. Now, the true secret to unlocking the powerful sexual and magnetic social influence of pheromones has finally been uncovered!

Axcite is the FIRST and only pheromone enhanced cologne to contain Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™, a powerful new method of enhancing and amplifying human sex pheromones to truly attract women and arouse their sexual curiosity in you. Dramatically Increasing Women’s Sexual Attraction for You!

Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™

Axcite is the most powerful, compelling, and socially influential men’s pheromone cologne ever developed. Axcite contains 7 ultra-potent human sex pheromones AND an innovative new discovery known as Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™.

This innovative pheromone technology is exclusive to Axcite and enhances & amplifies the subconscious sexual signals delivered to and experienced by women. It also has a powerful effect on increasing your confidence!With Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology™ you can instantly trigger a woman’s sexual attraction to you!

How does Axcite™ work?

Axcite works by sending signals to the emotional, sexual, and social centers in a woman's brain. Her anxiety levels decrease, her sexual organs become stimulated, and you have her attention.

Axcite's exclusive blend of human sex pheromones activate when women subconsciously detect them through their vomeronasal organ and also through regular olfactory reception used to detect smells. Once inhaled, the human sex pheromones from Axcite stimulate and send a powerful signal to the emotional, sexual, and social centers in her brain. From there, subtle influences compel her attention towards you. Anxiety levels decrease and her sexual organs begin to become stimulated.

Axcite™ is an Alpha Male blend and will make you feel more confident, making women sense that you are the dominant, male leader of the pack. Alpha Males provide, protect, and carry strong reproductive genes. Biologically, women are hard wired to desire that characteristic in a mate.

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