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Axe N Sledge Supplements

Axe N Sledge Ignition Switch

Axe N Sledge Ignition Switch

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Product Highlights

  • 5g Citrulline + 500mg Agmatine for Enhanced Vasodilation & Maximum Pumps Support
  • 325mg Caffeine + 100mg Dynamine® + 50mg TeaCrine for Intense & Sustained Energy & Focus
  • 20 Premium, Hard Hitting Servings Full Dose; 40 Half Dose Servings for a Custom Experience
Some days you need a little more push than others in the gym and that was why
Ignition Switch from Axe & Sledge came into existence. Created using the concept
of a 40/20 serving, you have the ability to adjust just how intense you want your
pre-workout experience to be. With the smaller ‘Some Stim’ serving size, you’ll be
getting a hefty dose of the key ingredients for a solid pre-workout experience, but
flip the switch and grab the ‘Extreme Stim’ serving size for an out of this world
stimulant experience. Featuring tried and true stimulatory ingredients such as
caffeine anhydrous paired with new, novel stimulants like Dynamine and TeaCrine,
Ignition switch will ignite that inner fire and help you dig deep, each and every
workout. Ignition Switch also addresses pumps and performance with a hefty
dosage of the popular vasodilator Citrulline and pairs it with Agmatine for enhance
pumps and features CarnySyn beta alanine for helping you push your overall
training capacity. From start to finish, turn the key, and ignite your workout with Axe
& Sledge Ignition Switch.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Training Capacity
  • Energy & Focus Enhancement
  • Customizable Dosage

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