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Axe N Sledge Supplements

Axe N Sledge Seventh Gear

Axe N Sledge Seventh Gear

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Product Highlights

  • 3.2g Beta Alanine + 2g Betaine Anhydrous for Enhanced Training Capacity
  • 350mg Caffeine + 200mg Alpha GPC + 100mcg Toothed Clubmoss for Energy & Focus
  • 1.5g Creatine MagnaPower for Enhanced Power Output
Seth Feroce is known for his grass roots down-home work ethic. When it’s time to
take things up a gear and elevate your training, sometimes is a matter of finding a
gear that you didn’t know you had. That’s where Axe & Sledge 7th Gear comes into
play. Designed with a full-transparency label, 7thGear is packed with 3.2g Beta
Alanine + 2g Betaine Anhydrous for enhanced training capacity, 1.5g Creatine
MagnaPower for enhanced power out put and rounded out with a hard hitting, yet
smooth energy blend of 350mg Caffeine + 100mg TeaCrine + Toothed Clubmoss.
The result is a hard hitting, honest pre-workout that works as hard as you do.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Training Capacity
  • Energy & Focus Enhancement
  • Elevated Power Output

Customer Reviews

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Les (Saint Paul, US)
HWMF Flavor

Taste was decent I can’t complain I don’t remember any like “crazy” energy off of this product but it wasn’t middle of the road either. Got me through my workouts with no problem. Probably would buy again someday

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