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High-Definition Diuretic!
New precision formulated diuretic from Axis Labs shows results in as little 12 hours and gets you shredded in 72! Wither you are a bodybuilder or figure athlete preparing for a competition or you need to lose 10 additional pounds of subcutaneous water by the weekend, look no further than Axis Labs XTRACT.

The XTRACT Advantage

Rapid Water Loss
Competition Strength
Gets You Ripped and Dialed-In
For Both Men and Women

Axis Labs, the leader in cutting edge performance products, has once again changed supplement history. Introducing, XTRACT, the only high-definition diuretic with the exclusive HyperDry Infusion formula. Now you can effectively experience:

What it's truly like to get ripped and dialed in
Rapid water loss that gets you dry and lean
A shredded physique without losing competition strength

Becoming "ripped" and "dialed-in" is an elusive yet much coveted state of aesthetic fitness. In case you've been living on another planet, "ripped" means lean muscles that ripple and bulge just below the skin with veins pumping and coursing like swollen torrents. Those who achieve this pinnacle of definition stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Although a strict dietary regimen can help to melt away unsightly body fat, achieving a truly jaw-dropping, "shredded" physique requires a maximum reduction of definition-smoothing subcutaneous fluids. Out of desperation, competitive athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts often turn to harsh diuretics. However, these harsh diuretics tend to strip the body of essential electrolytes which can result in painful muscle cramps, impaired nerve transmissions or worse.

Understanding this dilemma, Axis Labs was inspired to develop a safe yet highly effective fluid-management product. Their quest for perfection resulted in XTRACT. XTRACT achieves unsurpassed subcutaneous fluid and electrolyte management through the proprietary HyperDry Infusion and Electrolyte Infusion technologies.

The HyperDry Infusion works to effectively eliminate excess fluids with herbal extracts standardized to their active compounds. Dandelion root, Horsetail, and Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi work to eliminate excess water without depleting the electrolytes sodium and potassium. Additional diuretic herbal compound extracts such as Juniper Berry, Buchu Leaf and Stinging Nettle may also work to buffer the synthesis of inflammatory agents such as leukotriene B4 and prostaglandin E2.

The Electrolyte Infusion system offers an effective blend of key electrolytes to help ensure that the HyperDry Infusion offers balanced fluid elimination. Efficacious levels of the minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium promote natural fluid balance, strong nerve transmissions and muscle-pumping cell volumization.

If you absolutely need to unveil your shredded muscle for a competition, vacation or wedding, trust nothing more than XTRACT to get you there fast. Demand more from your supplements! Demand Axis Labs!

Axis Labs Xtract Nutrition Facts

Axis Labs Xtract Nutrition Facts

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I used Xtract before my first competition and was amazed at the results. I never really considered that water beneath my skin could somehow cause me to look bloated, but it certainly does. After taking Xtract your body dries up almost right away. You don't really feel it drying out, but you can certainly notice it in your appearance and in the tightness of your skin. Xtract is just an overall solid product.

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