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BlackMarket Labs

BlackMarket Labs STIM

Straight Stimmin'

BlackMarket Labs STIM is just what it sounds like, an intense stimulant and focus matrix designed to bring you insane energy. If you're a stimulant junky who's only consideration is how much caffeine is in your pre workout, this is the product for you. However, STIM is not just caffeine, and includes a wide spectrum of different stimulants and focus enhancers.

Product Hightlights

  • Potent energy matrix including Caffeine and Yohimbine
  • Amazing focus blend featuring Huperzine, Hordenine, and Theobromine
  • Clinical 3.2g Beta Alanine for endurance

Q & A

Q: Can STIM be combined with Nitric Oxide boosters such as Citrulline?
A: This is what STIM was designed for. As a stand-alone stimulant based product, you are free to individually add ingredients for pump and performance such as Citrulline.

Q: Should I 2 scoop STIM?
A: STIM contains 225mg Caffeine per scoop. This is roughly the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee. Definitely start at 1 scoop to assess tolerance, but if required you may 2 scoop STIM. Do not exceed 2 scoops.

STIM Supplement Facts

stim supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Tried many other intense preworkouts: prev2, ghost, Mr Hyde nitro, c4 ultimate, even has what a buddy claimed to be a banned one. STIM IS INSNAE!!! You get a massive focus and energy boost without having to down an enormous scoop. Taking the equivalent amount of some of the other mentioned pre workout scoop sizes would arguably land you in the hospital. This stuff is SERIOUS. however NO PUMP BOOSTERS is a negative for me some don’t care but I like them. That aside this is INSANE and a must try for sure.


Really love this pre-workout. It does what its suppose to do!!!!


love this product!!!! top notch!!!!


A buddy of mine let me give us a try fell in love with it definitely going to be picking up on soon

Experienced Users MUST Try

My husband and I both take this, he more than I. It is very potent and will carry you through your workouts with feeling like you can do it all over again. FYI, take this for your morning workouts because it could interfere with your sleep. Hence why my husband takes it more often than I do. We have tried both the Tiger's Blood and the Fruit Punch. We both liked the fruit punch flavor a little better.