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Straight Stimmin'

BlackMarket Labs STIM is just what it sounds like, an intense stimulant and focus matrix designed to bring you insane energy. If you're a stimulant junky who's only consideration is how much caffeine is in your pre workout, this is the product for you. However, STIM is not just caffeine, and includes a wide spectrum of different stimulants and focus enhancers.

Product Hightlights

  • Potent energy matrix including Caffeine and Yohimbine
  • Amazing focus blend featuring Huperzine, Hordenine, and Theobromine
  • Clinical 3.2g Beta Alanine for endurance

Q & A

Q: Can STIM be combined with Nitric Oxide boosters such as Citrulline?
A: This is what STIM was designed for. As a stand-alone stimulant based product, you are free to individually add ingredients for pump and performance such as Citrulline.

Q: Should I 2 scoop STIM?
A: STIM contains 225mg Caffeine per scoop. This is roughly the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee. Definitely start at 1 scoop to assess tolerance, but if required you may 2 scoop STIM. Do not exceed 2 scoops.

STIM Supplement Facts

stim supplement facts

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