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BN Labs

BN Labs Ultimate Pre Workout

BN Labs Ultimate Pre Workout

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Take your workouts to a hardcore new level with BN Labs Ultimate Preworkout. This is a pre workout with 14 scientific backed and peer reviewed ingredients designed to elevate your work out experience. High energy, sustained endurance, increased blood flow, and dialed in focus. Each serving is packed with 18 grams, with every ingredient designed to complement each other to offer you the best workout experience possible.

Ultimate Preworkout was designed with a multi-phase system that optimizes your performance.

  • Phase 1: intense energy and pumps from caffeine, teacrine, arginine, beta-alanine, and Alpha GPC.
  • Phase 2: sustained energy from 6 grams of vegan BCAA’s in a 2:1:1 ratio that prolongs energy during physical activity. Backed up with a slow release carbohydrate to reduce fatigue and stop your body from crashing.
  • Phase 3: hydration complex containing electrolytes and organic coconut water.

All of this leads to the Ultimate Preworkout!

Product Highlights

  • Intense and sustained energy
  • Extreme pumps
  • Increases endurance and hydration

Ingredient Breakdown

  • TeaCrine – alkaloid that enhances clean and sustained energy and improved cognitive function.
  • Arginine AKG – Boosts nitric oxide levels to increase and enhance pumps and allow you to maintain them longer.
  • Beta alanine – buffer of lactic acid that increases performance and endurance.
  • Alpha GPC – Improves mental function and focus by strengthening communication between cells.
  • DMAE – Boosts choline which provides better mental focus, alertness, and thinking abilities.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) – Made up of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Caline to trigger muscle building and improving protein synthesis. This speeds recovery.

Supplement Facts

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