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BSN Hyper Shred

Hyper Shred works to blast away fat through a thermogenic process. This process uses ingredients found in Hyper Shred to increase body temperature and burn calories. The calories burned are specifically from fat. That means great energy is provided while burning fat!

Black pepper, bitter orange, and red pepper create the thermogenic reaction and boost metabolism.

Caffeine Anhydrous provides great energy and focus.

  • Blast away fat!
  • Boost metabolism!
  • Incredible energy!
As a dietary supplement, begin by consuming 1 capsule of Hyper Shred on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes before your first meal or protein shake. Wait approximately 4-5 hours, and if suitable, consume a second capsule and assess your tolerance again. Do not consume more than 2 capsules simultaneously or 3 capsules daily. Approximately 180 mg of caffeine per serving or capsule.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ricardo Galarza jr (Santa Maria, US)

It's a mild fat burner nothing too crazy barely felt anything after taking it that's probably cuz due to taking a lot of stims but even then barely get a thing

Elvis Padilla (Pompano Beach, US)
Its ok

It doesn’t work like it use to.

ZH (Chicago, US)
Not to shabby

Good clean energy and no jitters.


I wanted a supplement that gave me a good boost of mental and physical energy, and unfortunately, Hyper Shred left me feeling a bit disappointed. It just didn't have the power I needed to get through any workout that lasts longer than an hour, and the thermogenic stuff made me feel too jittery and sweaty. I don't know if my body can't handle the stimulants or if thermogenics just aren't for me, but I'll stick with BSN's other supplements.

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