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MAGIC PUMP™ 25 sv.

Nitric Oxide Amplifier

Stimulant Free Nitric Oxide Amplifier, designed with cutting edge natural ingredients that help increase Nitric Oxide production without bloating or undesirable side effects. Works in synergy with Crush Intense Stim or Shred Intense.

MAGIC PUMP™ 25 sv. ingredient profile:



Agmatine Sulfate

750 mg


750 mg

Glycerol Monostereate

500 mg

Beet Root

150 mg


AGMATINE SULFATE: is the product of decarboxylation of the amino acid Arginine (ie. arginine with the carboxyl group removed) (also referred to as "Super Arginine") It can be found in low amounts in various plants, fish and meats, while it is also naturally produced via microbial activity in the intestines.

Agmatine inhibits the enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide in your body, resulting in higher nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide promotes enhanced blood flow to muscles by reducing the friction associated with blood flow. Enhanced blood flow encourages better "muscle pumps" and vascularity during and after your workouts, while also promoting more efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles.

Combined with a sensible diet and workout regime, Agmatine will help increase physical performance and help you build muscle.

Agmatine works to provide the following potential benefits:

  • Improved muscle pumps via the inhibition of nitric oxide synthase (NOS).

  • Better intra-workout energy.

  • In the role of a nootropic, aiding with mental clarity (focus)

  • Stress management and mental health.

  • Helps to promote healthy insulin sensitivity, promoting leanness and muscle building.

NITROSIGINE: Nitrosigine consists of a patented complex of bonded Arginine and Silicon that helps enhance nitric oxide levels. Arginine is an amino acid used by the body to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. Furthermore, Nitrosigine enhances blood silicon levels after a single dose. Silicon helps strengthen and enhances flexibility of arterial walls, helping to increase blood flow. Nitrosigine is scientifically engineered to last up to six hours.

Nitrosigine is an advanced ingredient with FDA New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification status and is affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).


GLYCEROL MONOSTEREATE: Glycerol is a pump-boosting ingredient which in mostly found in stimulant-free formulas. Glycerol is a unique kind of compound called a “sugar alcohol”, and is often extracted from plants. In the food and cosmetic industries, it’s better known as Glycerine or Glycerin. Most of glycerol’s benefits come from its ability to increase the total volume of water in the body. However, Glycerol will NOT make you "retain" water (subcutaneous water that is...)

It appears that the water increase (called “hyper hydration”) from glycerol is mostly in the blood – more accurately, it increases the volume of plasma in your body. This can get your veins popping, and sends extra fluid to the muscles you’re working out for skin-tearing pumps.

When combined with nitric oxide boosting ingredients like agmatine sulfate, Arginine or Nitrates – you can expect some crazy pump effects!


BEET ROOT: also known as beet, has been gaining in popularity as a new "super food". Beetroot can help improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow.

Beetroot enhances nitric oxide production in muscles, which increases blood flow, improves levels of oxygen and may support muscle contraction. Beetroot is also a rich source of natural antioxidants.

Beet Root contains high amounts of nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide inside your body. Nitric oxide production results in your blood vessels dilating – a term called vasodilation. This leads to you experiencing intense muscle pumps in the gym as your arteries gush more blood into your muscles.




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