Cloma Pharma Razzadrene 25 (90 Caps)

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Cloma Pharma Razzadrene is a powerful fat burning aid that has been described to put you into a “neurotransmitter nirvana” with its powerful brain boosting ingredients.

Razzadrene unlocks your body’s metabolism and fat burning switch with raspberry ketones and combines other powerful ingredients designed to release maximum fat burning capacity within the human body.

Razzadrene is a powerful fat burning tool that combines a synergistic combination of specific fat boosting ingredients. In each capsule you will get the following:
  • Raspberry Ketones – 50 mg
  • Caffeine – 125 mg
  • Acacai rigidula Leaf – 83 Mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens (powerful mood and testosterone booster) – 60 mg
  • Tyrosine (powerful neurotransmitter) – 50 Mg
  • Saffron – 25 Mg

Razzadrene is your answer for ehnahced cognitive function along with a powerful fat burning boost. If you want your mind razor sharp and happy while you are transforming your metabolism into a fat burning furnace Razzadrene is your solution.

How to Take Cloma Pharma Razzadrene

For the first week of consumption you should consume 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast. After the trial period is over you can up your morning dose 2 capsules. NEVER exceed 3 capsules per day. It is best to consume all of your capsules early in the day to prevent not being able to fall asleep.
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Cloma Pharma Razzadrene 25 (90 Caps) Supplement Facts

Cloma Pharma Razzadrene 25 (90 Caps) Supplement Facts

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