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Condemned Labz

Condemned Labz ConvictStim

Condemned Labz ConvictStim

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Intense Energy and Focus Paired with Skin Tearing Pumps!

ConvictStim is now newly enhanced and one of the staple supplments from Condemned Labz. It’s a powerful pre workout that was created for the dedicated individual looking for a major training boost to hyper-drive them through workouts. It will flip that internal switch and take you from your usual self to a savage beast! Not only will you get an energy boost, but you are guaranteed to get extreme vasodilation. Paired with tunnel vision, you’ll be achieving gains you’ve never seen before.

It’s safe to call this pre workout a powerhouse for those alpha-athletes!
Available in two delicious flavors: Green Apple, Fruit Punch

Product Highlights

  • Intense energy and focus
  • Extreme concentration
  • Prolonged endurance for longer workouts
  • Extreme vasodilation resulting in skin splitting pumps
  • Extreme thermogenesis

The ingredient profile is backed by proven and tested ingredients:

  • 225mg 2-Aminoisoheptane(DMHA) - one of the strongest natural stimulants that provides tunnel vision like focus.
  • 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous - the most well known stimulant to boost overall body functions and aids in increasing in stamina.
  • 50mg Higenamine – very similar to ephedrine, activates receptors that increase heart rate leading to a higher energy expenditure and decrease in hunger.
  • 4000mg L-Citrulline – boosts nitric oxide production to help increase blood flow. Also has positive benefits to blood pressure.
  • 2500mg Beta Alanine – increases muscle carnosine which in turn supports higher intensity output for a longer duration.
  • 50mg Noopept– one of the strongest nootropics on the market that boosts cognitive ability, focus, and overall mood.
  • 3mg Yohimbine HCL – fat burning compound that also increases blood flow and boosts libido.
  • 500mg L-Tyrosine – another type of nootropic that boosts mood, memory, and cognitive abilities.

Q: What’s the best time to take this pre workout?
A: 20 minutes before your workout. Don’t take close to bed time.

Q: Is the amount of caffeine in this pre workout safe?
A: Yes. However some individuals are more stimulant sensitive than others. If you are one of those people, start with half a scoop first.

Q: Is Noopept a common ingredient in pre workouts?
A: It’s an active ingredient in a few other pre workouts on the market. It’s benefits of boosting mood and cognitive function during workouts has increased demand from those who have tried it.

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