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Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs Orange Brainwash

Controlled Labs Orange Brainwash

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Hitting that new personal best in the gym, completing a big work product on time, or even performance in the class room can all come down to how hard you’re able to focus. Focus and high cognitive function is important in all aspects of life and can lead to a more productivity and better results. Pre workouts are loaded with stimulants and blood flow ingredients that might be good for the gym, but how can you stimulate your mind to work FOR YOU outside of the gym? Controlled Labs figured out the right formula and put it in a supplement called Orange Brainwash.

Orange Brainwash is a mixture designed to enhance multiple aspects. Increased energy, heightened focus, improved mood, better reaction time and awareness. This supplement is perfect for both pre workout and activities outside the gym like work or school. Orange Brainwash provides a clean and long lasting razor sharp focus with its scientifically research backed cognitive boosting supplement.

Not only effective, but excellent tasting. Something you’ll enjoy drinking.

Product Highlights:

  • Energy, focus, and mood
  • Boosts mental cognition
  • Heightened awareness
  • Great tasting

Ingredient Breakdown:

  • Alpha GPC – Boosts brain function and heightened awareness.
  • L-Theanine – Increases learning ability and is a relaxing agent to calm your body down.
  • Theobormine – Enhanced mood and focus.
  • L-Tyrosine – Increases mental alertness and elevated mood through the production of dopamine.

Supplement Facts

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