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Core Nutritionals CORE FLEX (240 Caps)

Core Nutritionals CORE FLEX (240 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Improves Joint Function
  • Contains Anti-oxidants
  • Boosts Recovery
  • Promotes Healthy Tendons
  • Increases Joint Strength
  • Strengthens Cartilage

When it comes to pushing your body to the limit in the form of lifting heavier, running faster or playing harder, it all puts wear and tear on our joints, ligaments and tendons. These vital areas require maintenance to keep them healthy and functioning properly, and without the right tools at our disposal, this task can prove difficult. Core Nutritionals Core Flex is designed to provide a superior way to aid in improving joint health, boost recovery and increase the strength of your joints, tendons and ligaments. Created using an ultra-potent combination of 11 ingredients and verified by clinical research and included in clinical serving sizes, Core Flex is crafted to ensure the maintenance of strong and healthy tendons and ligaments. Even more impressive is that Core Flex’s all-in-one blend combines the efficacy of single ingredient products, with the synergy of an entire joint product lineup.


  • Glycosaminoglycan chain of uronic acids that is extracted from animal sources or bacterial fermentation
  • Occurs naturally in connective tissues of humans
  • One of the major constituents of cartilage that aids in providing structure, stability and water


  • Ingredient derived from shellfish
  • Can reduce the rate of collagen and joint tissue degradation and symptoms of osteoarthritis

MSM (Dimethylsulfone)

  • Small, sulfur containing compound related to DSMO for anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Holds potential for joint health similar to the properties of glucosamine

Boswellia Serrata (acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid)

  • Ayurvedic herb also classified as phytopharmaceutical
  • Novel inhibitory of proinflammatory enzyme 5-Lipoxygenase
  • 100mg (standardized to 30% AKBA) reduced joint pain/stiffness in 7 days, with maximal improvement at 90 days
  • Appears to have anti-cancer properties being an inhibitor of antiogenesis and cell invasiveness; Can potentially suppress tumor growth

Cissus quadrangularis

  • Ayurvedic herb that is used in traditional analgesia, tonics and bone fracture healing
  • Shows promise for promoting bone growth rates & joint health


  • Enzyme extracted from pineapples
  • Can reduce heart burn and act as nasal decongestant
  • Has been shown to potentially increase recovery and assist in cardiovascular/circulatory health

Vitamin C

  • Powerful antioxidant that plays a critical role in a healthy immune system
  • Protects cells from oxidized particles and free radicals; Assists in other physiological functions

Vitamin D3

  • Esssential hormone precursor that plays vital role in many metabolic functions and bone health
  • Aids in immune and cardiovascular health
  • Promotes Protein Synthesis and weight management

Manufacturer’s Directions:

Take 8 tablets daily with or without food.

Supplement Facts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Jones (Gastonia, US)
Joint help

This is a pretty good joint formula. But it takes about three weeks to kick in.

Ricardo Galarza jr (Santa Maria, US)

This stuff worked great and quickly had a few problems with my elbows and a month of taking this it improved greatly

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